Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Finally a happy one!

Does anybody else watch Making the Band? I love it! I love it so much, lol. My sister and I call each other recapping and laughing about what happened. Tonight as I watched the show tears were just streaming down my face. Why? Dawn and Q. Ever since the episode last March when Dawn and Q sat at the piano and were sharing their feelings I have been in love with them! I think it's because they really remind me of my relationship with TheCount. On last nights episode their interaction was beautiful. It really lifted my mood and I'm looking forward to the rest of wedding planning stuff now. Y'all are probably like, TM is tripping of some reality show? Well yeah because that's how TheCount and I interact when I'm not stressed-out-evilina-bride-to-be. And I soooo miss it. I mean normally TheCount and I are geeking off each other. If you watched it, when they were on the phone talking and Dawn had on her soft cheesing voice I was like oh my goodness that's me! I can't remember the last time that TheCount and I had to go more than a day without seeing each other and I definitely don't remember the last time we went more than a day without talking. I do remember when I would go somewhere with my family I would always be on the phone all night with him. Even now, we call each other on our lunch breaks to talk. I love that dude so much!! I'm watching the episode from last season (I schedule my blogs to post now so it's really 1:30 am while I'm typing this) when Dawn is telling Q to go out and be free, enjoy life and I remember having that same conversation with TheCount 5 years ago.

I am breathing a deep sigh of relief. Thanks Dawn and Q for reminding me of the love I have with my baby. Time for me to finish crying while watching this old episode. Seriously the part where she is singing "God is my all and all" and Q is around the corner watching her makes me cry every time. And then I rewind it and cry again. I've had that moment with TheCount before, love is a beautiful thing! Have a great day ladies! Hold out for your Prince Charming :)


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