Monday, September 15, 2008

All grown up!

Moving on Saturday started stressful (see random rant below) but it ended up being alright. We had quite a few speed bumps along the way but it all worked out in the end. My dad went with me to the furniture store to get our living room set. The man wheeled it out and my dad pulls this line "Thera, get up and help him, you know my back is bad." Everybody stopped and stared at him! The furniture store worker looked at me and said "no, it's ok, I'll get another man to help." I was so grateful because there is no way I could have picked that stuff up. You know those starving kid commercials? Yeah, that's what my arms look like. They are soooooo skinny. I wouldn't leave the house without a jacket on until I was like 18 because I was that embarrassed by my arms, lol.

When we finally made it up to the apartment there was money order drama but that was quickly resolved. We borrowed my cousin's truck to help us move and TheCount was driving it. Well, when he was backing up we heard a huge pop and thought he hit something. He didn't and we kept it moving. While TheCount and his friends moved stuff in the apartment I left to go talk to the leasing agent because I had no intentions on helping. While I was in there she was like "girl, when maintenance saw who TheCount worked for, they got scared, lol." Why you ask? His company does inspections of apartments and homes, lol. They check for lead paint, asbestos, and any other potential problems. TheCount could have gotten them to shut this place down (well probably not, but you never know)! What was the result of maintenance's fear? A completely renovated corner apartment!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm talking new cabinets, stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer, dryer, blinds, ceiling fan, carpeting, bathroom sink, and toilet! It was so nice and the fact that the only noise we have to worry about is from the people above us? Extra nice! I finally showed back up at the apartment when they had moved everything in and we positioned the furniture and they put the dining room set together. We were almost finished and my dad left because he was driving the borrowed truck back. Once he left, MamaCount was preparing to pray over the apartment. Just as we gathered together, my dad knocked on the door and proclaimed "The truck is messed up!" Grrrrrrrr, we walked out their and the entire front wheel was pushed under the truck ( I guess that's what popped)! Then doom and gloom daddy was like "That's why I don't like borrowing stuff. This is a 4 wheel drive, it will take a couple of thousand dollars to be fixed. We have to get it towed, blahblahblah." What happens next? This man gets in the van and leaves! MamaCount and Count and stayed in the apartment praying and when she came out she was like, "where is your dad?" I was so embarrassed when I had to say he pulled off. She asked if he called the tow truck and I told her "no, he said he's going to get my mom to call our cousin and tell him what happened and then we'll deal with it." Everybody looked at me like, whhhaattttt?

We kept our plans to take everybody out to Cheeburger Cheeburger as a thank you for helping. We had a lot of fun, if you've never been, you should really go. By the time I got home my dad and cousin had left to go up and look at the truck. Anybody wanna take a guess how much it cost to get fixed? Go ahead and guess.............................................twelve dollars! Some screws my cousin put in 2 years ago had popped out and they just put new screws in and it was done!

The next day my mom and I went back up there to finish moving stuff in. We got all the way up there and guess what? I left the keys at home! I was so embarrassed because TheCount had to stop watching the game and meet us halfway. I was even more embarrassed because I did the exact same thing last year when my mom was helping me move! She looked at me and was like, baby, are you blonde or something? I felt horrible, but she wasn't mad or anything. My sister called and was like "daddy told me you left your keys at home, you're an idiot, hahahahaha!" And I was like "well you're stupid because you lost your bank card last week, got a new one that the atm ate today, and you have no gas!" So that ended her clowning me!

My mom loved the apartment. She was just cheesing and proud of her baby. She was hating because TheCount's mama gave us silverware that's better than hers. We were washing the dishes and she was on the phone with my sister talking 'bout "why am I in here washing silverware that's nicer than anything I own and I'm 52?" Hahaha! Should have married better mommy!

Anyway, I'll post pictures once I stop being lazy. How was your weekend?


pink said...

not should have married better!! lol...youre crazy. Congratz on the apartment!!!!

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