Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: The Solution

I have just decided what to do. For the rest of the week I will not do anything wedding related. Yes, I will go to my fitting, and I will schedule my hair appointment. But if somebody has a question about how something should go, it will be up to The Count and my momma to handle it. Music, decorations, programs, aisle runner, ushers--all Count and MommaTM. I feel it's the only way to keep my sanity. Sunday, we meet with the wedding coordinator and I will answer questions then. Not a moment before. I feel at peace just typing this. Seriously I have relaxed tremendously by freeing myself.

On a happier note, why did this lady at church come up to me and say "Ohhh sorry I missed the bridal shower, but I got you something really nasty to make up for it. It's basically a string and scriptures from Song of Solomon will cover your nipples and 'gina." HAHAHAHAHAHA Knowing her she probably did it! She's going to give it to me tonight.


Just_Wondering said...

Wow I can't believe you're wedding is only a couple of days away. I'm reading and thinking how stressed out I would be also because you want things to go well. I'm happy you found yourself a happy medium so that you can deflect some of the stress to Count and your mom. I really hope you have a beautiful wedding that you will always remember.

pink said...

im feelin some kind of way about that special outfit she has for i just dont know how to describe EXACTLy how i feel...i think outtalineness would be a good description..lmao

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