Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea: The Beauty Edition

One thing MamaTM and TheCount are always fussing at me about is my willingness to try anything.

Me"Ohhh I saw this thing in the store the other day, I'm going to get it."
Them:"Well, what is it?
Me: "I don't know but it sure looked cool."

I think I have an addiction. Of course I've found some really great products, restaurants, food brands, and other things from my willingness to try things, so here is some of my best ideas and some of my worst:
Band-Aid Blister Block is the BEST. Seriously if you have to wear heels to work and they are uncomfortable just spread this stuff on the uncomfortable area and it makes it all better. Don't wait until your feet start hurting. While you are getting ready in the morning apply it. It's like wax for protection. I love it!
I just tried this. Check out the website for more details on it. I really can't say whether I liked it or hated it. Flexi-Strand is where the cornrow the weave into your head instead of sewing or gluing it. I will say this, if you get it, get a partial weave and not a full head. The top piece is like a wig cap if you get the full head and it doesn't look natural. It was very fast though and not very damaging to your hair at all, which I like. It was quite expensive and I only left mine in for a week because I hated the top piece so much (well that and I need to find a wedding hairstyle ASAP!) If you are a weave wearer, I think it would be worth checking out. If you live in the area, I can give you the lady's info, but she does not cut or style (which for $250 I would expect that she would be able too) but she is very nice!
Carol's Daughter hair products. Womp womp. They did nothing for my relaxed hair. I will say the leave in conditioner did work well with TheCount's niece's hair which is curly and natural. Perhaps it's just my hair type, but that was a royal waste of money. My hair started breaking off and everything! Just a sad sad time :(
This line is the BEST! Prior to me trying this line I always found myself scratching my scalp like crazy after shampooing. Eventually I realized I was probably allergic to something in the shampoo. I switched to Aubrey Organics and I love it! My sister who has very very thick hair doesn't really care for it, she says it doesn't lather enough (I will interject here that she is very lazy and if you don't stand over her and scream at her while she washes her hair it is still just as filthy as when she started) so her opinion probably shouldn't be taken into consideration. The conditioner is a protein conditioner and I really think this line has helped my hair get much healthier.
That's all for now. I have a ton of new cleaning products that I'll be trying out when I move TheCount into the apartment tomorrow so next week will be the cleaning files.


pink said...

This was a helpful post. Im gonna try this blister block you speak of. I have lots of cute shoes (this is where I always shout out the suede Steve Madden peep toe pumps that I got at Hecht's on clearance and with a coupon for 8 dollars!!!) but yeah anyway...and i cant wear them because they tear up my feet somethin in the winter i loooooove boots but i hardly wear them because my feet suffer horribly =(

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