Thursday, September 25, 2008

Does she think they are going to go out of business?

The lady I share an office with was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last month. She has been undergoing treatment and is responding well. This last treatment that she is going through is radiation ( I don't want her to google it and end up here, lol). For this process she has to go on an free diet. They gave her a huge cookbook with a list of things she can and cannot eat. I don't think she gets it. She can't have processed foods, anything in plastic, anything with iodized salt, can't have soy, the list goes on and on. It seems to me like on the diet you can have things that you make yourself and plenty of fruits and vegetables. I knew it would be hard for her because she eats McDonalds (at least) once a day. Most days it's her breakfast and lunch. She is trying to do better but I don't think she gets it. On that extremely restrictive list I don't see how a can of pepsi can be on there. I also don't think packets of instant oatmeal were what they meant. They said she could have apple cinnamon oatmeal and included the recipe. Doesn't that mean they want you to make it yourself? As in get the huge thing of oats and make oatmeal. It seems like a big duhhhhh to me, but maybe her doctor told her things I don't know about. NO PROCESSED FOODS. Means just that, in my opinion. The other day she came in with a glass of orange juice and a glass of milk or rather plastic cups covered with plastic wrap. Now I know I read on there that she can't have bread that has been wrapped in plastic and that if she makes something she MUST put it in aluminum foil, meaning no plastic bags or saran wrap. Am I missing something? How the heck are you going to put your drinks in plastic if you can't put your food in it? I think I'm going to start saying little things to help her out like, Don't they consider instant oatmeal processed? You're allowed Pepsi? or better yet, why the heck does your husband keep taking you to McDonalds every morning when you aren't allowed to eat it? Today she only got a juice, but I'm pretty sure whatever that cup is made out of is on her do not do list.


pink said...

woow. im glad they didnt give me a list like that...youd lose a lot of wieght. you know i have a girlish figure to protect! lmao....but seriously she should do what they tell her...itll make everything go much smoother...some people are so stubborn.

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