Friday, September 26, 2008

Piercings and weaves

I got my hair done last night and I love it! I really love it. For the wedding I'm getting some tracks sown in the middle to make it more full but I didn't do that tonight :) These are looking up folks! Hair is no longer a big cry fest of drama! This is what it will look like:

I'm getting my hair like Tamara (left) my sister is getting her hair like Tia (right). Then we are going to take this exact picture, lol. I also got my hair dyed last. It is a very dark brown because TheCount wanted black but MamaTM shut that down with the quickness. It really does look black though, but I like it.

Question. Do you think it would be tacky if I painted my nails dark purple instead of the traditional french manicure or light colored polish? My wedding colors are dark purple and silver. Be honest! It's a dark dark dark purple. The shade I have now is "The Deepest of Violets" by Sally Hansen. It really does look good against my skin. Also, my dress isn't white, it's diamond white, kind of like champagne. I'm not sure if that has any effect on your decision.

So, whatchu think? Can I wear dark purple nail polish on my hands at my wedding?

Oh, one more question. I have this piercing:

Do you think I should take it out for the wedding? I have a vote for yes and a vote for no already. Whatchu think?

15 days until the wedding! Yikes :)

Why is TheCount on my bedroom floor snoring? Hmmmm, why isn't somebody sleeping at that apartment we pay rent at? Hmmmm???? Oh well, off to dream of my baby as he provides the soundtrack, lol.


pink said...

i think the dark purple would be nice! is it real dark like almost blak? your wedding is in the fall so i think that its nice. wait do you have nails or just a plain manicure? i think shorter nails look nicer with the dark dark colors.

i cant imagine you with an industrial piercing! you seem so conservative! lol...i think you should take it out tho. unless you can find a nice earring...but i dont know where you would. But then again i also feel like while your wedding is fancy its also a representation of you. your piercing is something that you wanted so maybe you should keep it in. i guess i wasnt helpful hunh? =/

Anonymous said...

It's YOUR wedding. It's YOUR day. Do what feels good to you! If that means purple polish, then rock it.

Mrs Count said...

Pink I'm a rebel, you aint know, lol. Seriously when I was 18 I wanted to be rebellious so I got an industrial bar piercing. Of course I asked my mommy first and then my aunt took me (guess I failed rebellion 101). I did say I won't put earrings in both of my holes.

Thanks non-superwoman.....I love it when people insist I do me :) You must come by and encourage my foolishness more often!

Anonymous said...

Nail polish yes. Piercing, well, I'ma go with no. Yay! We can't wait to the wedding!

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