Monday, September 8, 2008

Do you need an ambulance....Surprise....You won the lottery....and TM made a sex joke!

Well TheCount and my weekend got started off with a BANG! As we were going to furniture stores on Friday evening it began to rain, meaning what? The roads are slick. While we were driving carefully others were deciding the rules didn't apply to them. Which led to us getting in a car accident. Wait, it gets was with a police cruiser. Yeahhhhhh, lol. It was the officers fault though. He pulled out in front of a tractor trailer and then stopped. IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC! He saw the cars coming, realized he couldn't go and stopped, but he forgot the part about getting out of the middle of the street! So we hit him. He was cool about it because he knew what he did and he kept trying to call an ambulance for me. I was texting Sister TM and she was like "ummm I think you're in pain and what I mean by that is you need you wedding paid for so get to acting!" Apparently it's not a good idea to joke to your future husband that now our cars are twins because the front of my car and hood are messed up from an accident I had 4 years ago that I never fixed, now TheCount's is too. Yeah, The Count didn't find it funny either.

Saturday I slept in. When I got up I tuned into the Smart Guy marathon on BET and was lounging in bed. My mom came in and told me that my Godfather had a bushel of crabs at his house because somebody's cookout got canceled and if I wanted to go with her even though it was raining like crap. I agreed because I'm greedy, lol. I got ready and we went over. Once we got there I regretted it because they always have all these people over and I'm not really that social. I stayed upstairs and was helping make the tea and stuff, planning to sneak down later. My aunt hollered up for me to bring her a spoon. I get to the bottom of the stairs and hear: SURPRISE!!!! Y'all why was it my BRIDAL SHOWER!!!!! Hahahahaha! They really got me :) I was standing there stunned and then the best part happened: My sister came running from around the corner!!!!!!! I instantly teared up, I was sooooo happy. My mom took me upstairs to change my clothes and then I came back down and they had a chair for me complete with tiara and wand because I was the princess for the day. I was waving my wand around giving commands. My aunt was looking at me shaking her head wondering "who gave her this power?" It was great.

I actually liked the games, normally I don't. The first one SisterCount told the guests to each write down something crazy they wanted to see me do. So everybody wrote down their things and turned them in. Then SisterCount was like "Y'all didn't really think I was going to torture TM on her day did you? Everything y'all wrote, you have to do!" It was great. Of course the first one was dance like a monkey while rapping. Have you ever seen a room of grown old women do that? Well I'll send you the dvd! It was great. There were some that I actually did like a ballet dance and tap dance. A lot of people wanted me to sing a song, I made them do most of them which was hilarious! I did end up singing the song to my mom because my bridesmaids did it with me. We tried to sing Boyz II Men, "mama" but yeahhh we only knew every other line so we made it up. We also sang a Corrine Bailey Rae song because it was on at the moment an once again, we couldn't get the words right!

The gifts were actually kind of tame. Of course it was lingerie piece after piece. But nobody got me a whip or anything edible that would have made me faint. I kept hiding the panties from the outfits and they were all like "Thera, what's that little black thing you're putting back?" My best friends were sitting there embarrassed with me! One piece that SisterCount got me we couldn't even figure out how to hold it. I was like, is this a lace headwrap? The shower was great and I am so grateful for the people that helped plan it. I'll try and post pictures of at least the layout of my "Together for Eterni-Tea Surprise Bridal Shower."

On Saturday my dad's number hit in the lottery. Go figure. It wasn't the jackpot or anything but it was $2,500 the Musings family sure did need :) [sidenote, I'm not a fan of lotto playing but this was still very interesting]
On Sunday night my family was being ghetto and greedy and MamaTM, SisterTM, TheCount, and myself were sitting in the middle of the floor eating chinese food and crabs and I made a sex joke! I don't know if I ever told you guys this or not but TheCount and I don't have sex (no sex before marriage guys-told you it was impossible for me to be pregnant Pink!). I'm not saying over our 5 year relationship we haven't slipped up, but seriously we've been doing so well that if I was pregnant it would be a toddler in my stomach by now. Anyway my mom was trying to figure out why TheCount and I were always kicking and screaming at each other (it's all jokes folks) or throwing each other to the ground. As she was shaking her head saying "I just don't know about y'all" I told her, "Ma, it's all the sexual tension!" Everybody was so shocked that I actually said it. My ma was like "oh ok, then keep fighting!"
It was a great weekend! My sister's plane just landed back down in Florida, my boss won't be in today, and I'm feeling good feeling great :)


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