Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Say What? Awards

Today ladies and gents of this lovely blog today we are going to have an awards show! *insert applause*

This awards show will feature people's comments from the last week that said something they probably shouldn't have said. Let us begin:

The first nominee is: Papa TM

Over the weekend we my mom's cousin and her crack baby foster child-almost adopted baby were staying with us. The little boy doesn't respond to words, screaming, clapping, people in general. Well when his "mom" was trying to discipline him my dad kept interfering.

"Mom": "Elijah, get back from there." she gets up to go get him

PapaTM: "Boy do you want me to take my belt off?"

"Mom": "Come on Elijah it's bedtime"
PapaTM: "Boy don't make me come in there"

Ummm daddy, she is handling her child right now. You can't threaten him with a belt if she doesn't do that, I mean poppping hands is one thing, but a darn belt?! I wish somebody would do that to my child!!! She is currently handling the discipline so you shouldn't talk over her, that's rude. She should have taken off her belt and beat you! And another thing, we think the boy has autism, sooooooo seriously threatening to beat a 2 year old with your belt is really pointless because he clearly isn't responding to you threats. Did I mention my father was standing there talking to him instead of going to get him and he fell down the steps? Dude he doesn't respond to words so just go get him as you're talking, don't just let him get hurt because you feel he should understand you!

The second nominee is: Auntie that doesn't like me a.k.a. HaterA

My mom and I were getting ready to go out. HaterA was walking up our front steps to come in the house. HaterA then makes the following statement: "Ohh look at my sister losing all that weight," she then looks at me and says "and look at you, are you gaining weight?" Then this chick has the nerve to pinch my cheek! What is my number 1 rule: never ever touch the face!!! Did she forget the day I punched PapaTM for touching the face? You insult me then defile me....how rude. I just stared at her with the most blank face ever. She kept talking and I just kept looking at her, no emotion, no response. That evening she came in my room and laid on my bed and put her head on my pillow. Not my guest pillow that is green. But my white pillow cases that I don't let people lay on or touch because that's what my face goes on! Didn't ask, just climbed up and got in the bed. Since I wasn't talking to her I didn't say anything, just continued to stare blankly as she talked.

The third nominee is: My mom's friend Mary

We took mom's cousin and baby Elijah to a cookout on Saturday. My mom had been talking to Mary about how her cousin is 60 and can barely walk and is trying to raise this 2 year old. She wanted mary to get a full assessment before commenting so she let her watch the lady and the baby for about 2 hours then went and asked her what she thought:

Mary: I think she's too damn old for that baby, hell TM is too damn old for that baby. He needs his hyped up crack momma to chase after him!

I shouldn't have laughed but I was screaming laughing over that! Seriously my body is so sore and I am so tired from chasing after that baby! Since he doesn't respond when you call his name you have to go get him each and every time. The Count even screamed (Big booming voice man scream) his name in the car and not so much as a flinch even though I jumped out my skin (he was just checking to see if the boy could hear). The thing that makes me mad is that she won't even go get him checked out. No speech therapy or anything. He says NOOOOOO words. This is his vocabulary: "Ahhhhhhh" which means this is great fun and I'm happy. "UhhhUhhh" Which means I am not happy and "EEEEEEEEE" which he says when he's not saying the other 2. We think she's scared they will take him from her if they think he's not developing properly. All she has to do is watch an autism documentary and she will see all the signs. If you love him, you will get him help. Sooner rather than later. Waiting only makes things worse! Matter of fact she needs to be nominated.

The fourth and final nominee: "Mom"

For saying she won't get her foster child's developmental delays looked at until he is 3. Which will be September 8, 2009. It makes me mad, really mad! Why wait? The state will pay for the visits and her transportation. I'm going to be pissed if it was something doctor's could have been helping with but her fear is keeping him back. Also, take that darn pacifier out of his mouth! He doesn't even want it. He was sitting in the car looking out the window and she reaches back and gives it too him talking 'bout "I just want him to be happy." He wasn't even crying!!!!!

Sooo, who do you think should win the Say What? Awards?


Just_Wondering said...

I vote for the last comment...I'm a speech language pathologist and it pains me to hear when children are in desparate need of help...why can't little autistic child have an opportunity to learn to communicate! Why wait! the child can benefit so much from early intervention...ok lemme calm down...

Anonymous said...

I'ma give it to mama, too. She's gonna be at the dentist in 2009. Pacifiers are EVIL!

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