Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Banned from Don Pablos

Nah, just kidding, I did not get banned from the restaurant last night, but I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon. I waited all day for all you can eat taco night. I was dizzy and starving, I had made it through the day on 200 calories, just so I could go wild that night. Let's all guess how many tacos I It was so funny. We got an appetizer that was really good so I was eating on that. Our waiter was excellent, we had some of the best customer service in a long time last night. It took a while for them to bring out our food, a long while. I had one beef taco and two chicken. Let's just say, I could have gone to Taco Bell, because that's exactly what it tasted like. I couldn't even find the chicken in the other tacos, all I saw was onions and sauce. I even said to TheCount, ummm I think they forgot the meat in this one. So I dismantled the tacos and then just got disgusted and let them sit there. The waiter kept coming back to check on us and eventually he just asked if I was done since my  plate was still full. I told him yes. He asked did I want some more, I replied no. Then he asked was it good. I was like "ummmm, not at all." He felt bad and offered to bring me something else which I politely declined. A little while later the manager came by and was like, you didn't like your tacos ma'am? Well then I'll take them off your bill, there is no reason you should pay for something you didn't enjoy. Then he asked me to come back and try them again since they have many tasty things on the menu that I should enjoy. I told him I would and thanked him.
 Then TheCount and I were at the table joking around and he said something smart. So I picked up my knife and threatened to stab him in the eye. As I was gripping the knife and asking what he would do I cut his eye out, he starts laughing hysterically. I look up and see our waiter standing there looking at me like I was crazy. I was so embarrassed! The waiter dropped our bill and ran, lol. TheCount was like "hahahaha, he's gonna go to the kitchen and tell everybody you're crazy and then they are all gonna stare and laugh. You've been exposed, the world has seen your evilness." All I could do was laugh because I brought it on myself. Needless to say, I will be searching for another favorite Mexican restaurant because I love me some taco's, but not those. Any suggestions?
I didn't get to work today until 11am because I hurt my shoulder doing jumping jacks last night and my eyes are swollen like you wouldn't believe. I want to hide under a rock. Perhaps I will be attending Bible study from my couch tonight.


Mrs.Young_fashion said...

LOL, you've been exposed! that's hilarious. My bf tells me all the time that one day everyone will know the real craziness that spins around in my head. for now it's just our little secret.

Happy hunting! and feel better...

Anonymous said...

thats what you get!! lmao!!! finally! sike but i didnt get to work until 12 this afternoon. blah. i think im starting to hate my job...but im foing to cafe asia on Friday! woot woot! i know that was off topic.

how come your eyes swell so often?

Therapeutic Musings said...

@MRS YF, keep your craziness hidden, it is no fun to always be embarrassed. When we left Don Pablos I embarrassed myself twice in Food Lion, I ended up just leaving!

@Pinx..I'm beginning to think you're something like a hater! hahaha I'm going to need you to do a restaurant review, I love food and like new places.

Therapeutic Musings said...

oh, and my eyes swell because of allergies. We have carpet, fresh flowers, and a plug in. If I don't shut the bedroom door at night to block all that stuff out you can see it all in my face. Oh and if I cry at night, which is why I can only watch HGTV of food network, otherwise I'll be getting all emotional and look a mess the next day!

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