Friday, March 13, 2009

Just let your mind wander

I left my cell phone at home today. I left half of my lunch at home today. It was the half I need to eat the part I brought. I guess  I'll have oatmeal for lunch. I was an hour late to work today. People are still sending me faxes for something that had a deadline of last Monday. All of my hair wasn't dry when I took my rollers out this morning. I put a few pecans in my oatmeal this morning, now I have gas. Red polish on my fingers is not a good look. My sister told me this for years, I now see what she's talking about. It gives me grandma hands.
Coconut oil and Coconut milk on my hair for a few hours before I wash it is THA TRUTH! My hair is super silky even if some of my curls are a little droopy all this and I'm 8 weeks post relaxer. I could actually go natural if this coconut treatment keeps my hair this soft and manageable. I did another 100 lunges yesterday (did 200 on Wednesday). My legs and butt are screaming, but it hurts so good! My pants today aren't cutting into my waist. They were the last time I wore them. My boss is working from home today! I have great plans for my lunch hour (or 2) in The Container Store. I just scheduled my workout time for the day in the gym. Go Hard or Go Home and Must Have Beyonce Legs are our motto's. We are a dangerous duo! My workout buddy dyed her hair a purplish color. I soooo love it! I soooo wanna bite her style and do it too! I'll be glad when my hair color finishes growing out. These light ends just make my hair look damaged, lol. Maintenance broke a bowl and a mug in our apartment the other day. The community manager called me at work apologizing and offering to pay. I kept laughing in her ear. Dude, things break, it happens. Our table only seats 4 people, we didn't really need that 8th bowl and mug. When I got home maintenance was still there apologizing to me, I laughed at them too. It's OK!!! We are not that uppity, it came from Target. They took out the trash for me and everything, asked if I needed them to do anything else while they were there. Nope, just some advice: when checking for which shelf is broken, look for the shelf with nothing on it! Do you really think we would stack glass dishes on a broken shelf?
I don't like mean people. I don't allow them in my life, they don't exist in my world. I'm always shocked when I come across one. I call my mommy, tell her what's going on and then declare, "but that's just not nice! This is not acceptable in TM land!" It baffles me really that somebody would intentionally hurt someones feelings. If I ever hurt your feelings, please let me know, it WILL NOT happen again. I'm a very sensitive person, it hurts me to see others hurting. Mean people are really just hurting on the inside.
I no longer walk when I'm in our house. I do lunges everywhere. This makes TheCount laugh. I make very ugly faces when I do them because I'm not that coordinated. I just had an office lesson on lunges with my Pepsidrankin' officemate. I will not let her fall to the wayside! We are getting this weight off everybody in here. Maybe I should declare one day next week lunge day and ban walking. Hmmm, I don't think I have that much power.


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