Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Med School Exams

We were watching "10 Years Younger" while working out at the gym last week, and they gave the lady lasik surgery. I remarked how bad I wanted to get that done to which my workout partner told me, "Oh you should totally do it! It was awesome." I looked over at her and shot jealous rays at her. She asked me if I had been saving up for it, and I told her no, because we have more important things to pay for. She asked why I didn't I just use the payment plan.

TM does not do payment plans. I HATE owing money. If I can't buy it outright then I don't need it. The only things I need in life are food, shelter, one outfit, and for where I live and work, a vehicle. So unless it has to do with those things, I don't NEED it. I have a credit card, and I only use it for online purchases so my bank account info isn't at risk. I pay it off every single month as I do with my Macy's card. Another reason why I haven't gotten the surgery yet is because we have student loan debt. How am I gonna spend $4000 on some eye surgery when that money could eliminate so much debt?

I've come up with a simple solution on how I can get the surgery and not spend all that money, be a guinea pig. I figure before they graduate from eye surgery school they have to practice right? I could be their final exam! I shared this with my workout buddy and she forbade me from volunteering my eyes. Once they make it to their final they should be pretty good right? I mean, what's the worst that could happen? I'd be blinded for life? Hmmm, that could pose a problem since I stare at a computer, cell phone, or television all day every day.

I still don't think it's that bad of an idea, but I'm open for suggestions. How can I get somebody to give me Lasik surgery?


laughing808 said...

you don't do layaways either?

No suggestions for getting the surgery. In fact, I'm gonna keep checking back in case someone offers a good suggestion. I'd like to have the sugrery as well.

Therapeutic Musings said...

No ma'am to the layaway!

I guess nobody had any help for us :(

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