Thursday, March 26, 2009

A whole bunch of stuff

Last night we were to exhausted to go to Bible study, I really wish it didn't take at least an hour to get there on Wednesdays, but I really haven't been able to find a place to live closer to our church/family that I like. Since we didn't go, we watched it live on the internet. I decided to put a conditioning treatment on my hair while we watched service. At some point we both fell asleep because next thing I know it was 2:30 am and I still had to wash and roll my hair! They're also redoing our plumbing this week at our apartment complex so we had to move furniture and art to make it easier. When TheCount got up at 3am, he couldn't get back to sleep so he cleaned the apartment ( I told you, when people come, nothing is out of place) while I baked under the dryer. We didn't get back into bed until 5:30, with our alarms set for 7. Y'all know it was a fight to get out of bed! I was all the way under the cover basking in the heat of my heated mattress pad and it was soooo cold in the apartment. Surprisingly, TheCount came over and was waking me up using gentle soothing tones instead of ripping the covers off me and hollering "get up lazy bones." I think he finally realized that when hollers in the morning all I do is get right back in the bed and sleep until 9 or 10 making me 3 hours late for work. Needless to say, we are some sleepy folks.
My sister just called me to say that if I have some babies she will move back home. She better not play with me! If she comes back home I will have all the babies she wants, I am not kidding, that's how much I miss her. She's in school in Florida and has a boyfriend down there (who's from there) and he said he would be willing to live up here. The day my sister moves back for good will be the happiest day in TheCount's and my life. He always says he wishes my sister would finish with school and come back so I can have my sidekick back.
I can not wait to babysit tomorrow! I wonder if they'll let me keep her until Sunday? I'm telling y'all this is the happiest baby in the world! I'm definitely gonna try and take some pictures and maybe a video because she has that happy baby voice, lol. I guess 3 year olds aren't really babies, but to me you're a baby until you start school. Even TheCount is in awe of her and it takes a lot to impress him!
My Bible study this morning was really good! I mean sooooo good. If you're having a rough day, email me, I'll forward it to you it was that powerful. I was smiling the whole time I read it, I'm going to print it out and put in the bathroom so we can be reminded: We are not called to merely survive, we are called to thrive! That one is going on my quote posterboard too!
I'm having a hair dilemma again. It's relaxer time and I don't know who to go to. I don't want to go to the people I went to last time because she would not rinse it out even though I said I wasn't ok. I asked my mom to do it and she refused, she offered to go with me to her hair salon, but I cannot stand that lady. The last time I went there she made me so mad I was crying. She spent the entire time telling me I was too young to get married (ummm I have a mom and a dad, and he has parent's, and we have pastors so  thanks but no thanks don't need your .02). When I left there I was texting my best friend and my sister about our conversation and this is what they said:
BestFriend: Ok, where are you now, let's meet up and go burn her shop down
Sister: Ok, when I get home tomorrow we will go find her and burn her shop down
That's why I love those chicks! Of course my mom took my phone from me and told both of them they better stop, but ever since then I won't go near that lady. She's toxic. Don't base other peoples lives off of your failures, especially strangers! Perhaps if she had given me 3 hours of how to build a successful marriage and what NOT to do then I wouldn't want to kick her in the shin every time my mom says her name. Back to the point, I need my hair done but don't have a person. If I buy the relaxer, base my scalp. and then sit in front of my mom and hand her the relaxer do you think she'll still tell me no?


Anonymous said...

please have some babies! Tell the count yall need babies! I want babies from you guys!!

thats all i have for now.

oh and send me the bible study tryna get my mind right. thx boo!

kisz4tj said...

Hold offff on the bey bey's. They are soooper doooper cute, but I got married when I was 20 (nevermind that I'm divorced..thats not the and wish we would have waited 5 years...can't get them years back once the bey bey's start! My .02..don't throw lye at me...pls and thank you.

CreoleInDC said...

I hear it's TM Appreciation Day! HAPPY TM DAY!

Therapeutic Musings said...

@pinxpassion-All people with requests for babies must sign a contract saying they will babysit.

@kisz4tj-I won't throw lye at you, your opinion is always welcome!


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