Tuesday, March 17, 2009

These are my confessions...

I'm not eating very much during the day today because we're going to Don Pablos for all you can eat Taco night. WootWoot! I'll try not to act a fool, I'll calculate my calories beforehand so I can no exactly how much I can eat :)
I sing an entire CD every night in bed. We cut on the ipod for bedtime so that we won't stay out in the living room watching tv all night and sleeping on the couch. It's worked wonders except for the fact that if I hear music I will sing it. It's a fact of life, lol. Last night it was Chrisette Michelle, Sunday was John Legend, Saturday was Beyonce and Friday was Joss Stone. Once the CD is over I close my eyes and go to bed.
I don't know why people think it's funny when I say I had a run in with some bad birth control. That crap wrecked havoc on my body! We had a long conversation about it at the gym yesterday and a whole lot of people have had issues with the pill. I want to just not take them, but then y'all will be reading about TM and her 22 kids cuz I know TheCount and I would be very reckless.
Last week I looked in the mirror and said aloud to myself, "How is it possible that I can be this pretty?" And then I cracked up at the sheer arrogance of it all, but I still think it's true. TheCount thinks it's because I've watched so much My Wife and Kids lately.
This month for my gas reimbursement I'm getting a couple hundred dollars since I've had to go to Baltimore to work most days. It makes me smile! It's only 20 miles from my house, I can come and go as I please, I get to meet up with TheCount for lunch and they pay me extra! Ahhhh life is good! All of our savings account is "extra" money, whenever we get unexpected income we deposit it right into savings. It keeps us from going on dumb shopping sprees and then complaining about a lack of money.
TheCount and I were discussing the cruise my family is taking in August. He has been hesitant to say we can go (although I am getting on that boat even if I have to drug him and drag him) so he has been looking for any reason to say no. Yesterday I gave him the formal presentation with pictures, itinerary, and pricing. I told him it was $388 per person. Do you know this fool asked me if that was per day? I was so mad that he thought I would be asking to go on a trip that would cost over $4000 that I kicked him in his side. What kind of fool does he take me for? We are not balling like that yet so why does he think I would make that kind of request, especially for a cruise just celebrating my sisters 21st BDay, it's not like it's a something worthwhile like "Let's appreciate TM week".
I don't like when people constantly talk about what they are going to do instead of just doing it. Yesterday my coworker kept talking about how she wanted to lose weight. Well then be about it! I go down to the gym every day, talk to me while we are on the treadmill  DOING something about it.TheCount was whining about his phone still being cracked yesterday and I snapped, "Don't say another stupid word about that phone. Go get it fixed or shut up." He looked at me and was like, "dag babe, that was a little harsh, lol." Now I have a new mantra to add to my increasing list of life motto's, "Don't talk about it, be about it." Maybe I'll create a poster board of all my favorite quotes since the list is getting so long.
My sister is trying to pledge. I'm so excited for her, she went to the meeting to turn in her information last night. Let's all join hands and say a prayer for SisterTM!


Anonymous said...

appreciate TM week??



thats all im gonna say.

kisz4tj said...

U crack me up..seriously

A cruise sounds like fun, I've never been but the girls cruised last summer.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

you are crazy.

You remind me so much of my sister.
lol, don't talk about it be about it, I need someone telling me that everyday. I talk too much junk that I don't back up.

pserendipity said...

Whether I say a prayer for your sister's pledge activity depends on the colors involved.

You guys should totally go on the cruise. Everytime I ask Tim about a cruise, he says "I'm in the Navy, I cruise for a living." Ugh.

Therapeutic Musings said...

@Pinx...hater, that's all I'm gonna say

@Kisz4tj...come on, everybody let's go cruise!

@Mrs YF...when I make my poster I'll make sure to send you a copy of it, lol

@Pserendipity...If I remember correctly, you won't be pleased. We'll leave you out of the prayer circle!

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