Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm is not dum

I hate being treated like an idiot. Long winded explanations long after I have said "alright" give me an eye twitch like you wouldn't believe. I don't know if the person actually thinks I'm dumb or if they are just trying to help. Trust me, when I need help I am not afraid to ask for it! I will ask a question about any and everything, so when I say I understand, trust me, I understand. Yesterday I had to go meet my coworker to give him the presentations I made for him (if you remember the copy/paste dude, this is him). He lives a few streets over from me so we just arrange a meeting place around either of our evening errands. Yesterday we had this conversation:
Z: "TM, have you left work yet?"
Me: "Yes, I left, but I probably won't be down there until about 6."
Z: "Alright, do you know where Centennial park is?"
Me: "Yes"
Z: "Ok, let's meet there. Do you know how to get there?"
Me: "Yes"
Z: "Have you been there before?"
Me: "No, but I drive past it every day."
Z: :"Ok, well you don't want to drive past it, you want to get in your left lane."
Me: "Yeah, I know, ok"
Z: "Do you know how to get into the park?"
Me: you are not in my fave 5, get off my phone "yes"
Z: "Ok, you want to turn into the park. The park has a huge man made lake, it's like 2 miles to go around it. But I won't be there, I'll be at the playground with my kids"
Me: "OK"
Z: "Call me when you get close, and I'll tell you how to get here."
Me: "Yeah ok"
When I got to the park:
Z: "TM! Thanks for bringing me this stuff, I really appreciate it"
Me: "No problem"
Z: "See right there," pointing to a huge body of water, "that right there is a man made lake. It's about 2 miles around.
Me: hmmmm, where have I heard this before? "I see"
Z: "Yeah, it's a really nice park. You and your husband can come back and walk the lake over there.
Me: really, I can come to the public park 5 minutes from my house? You mean it? You think we can handle a task like walking around a lake? "Yeah, we will, ok, bye"
Z: "You know how to get out?"
Me: I'm guessing the same way I got in, since the park only has one entrance and all "Yep"
Maybe I'm being too sensitive, but my word, I get it already! I'm is not dum.


Anonymous said...

no. that would have irritated me. why are you askin so many questions??? i think he was just trying to be helpful...but still its sill irritating. i understand youre frustration.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

This is too funny. I get the same way, only I feel a pressure in my chest. I would have walked off from him a long time ago, left him talking to himself.

kisz4tj said...

It hurts me deep in my throat and my chest...I get it.

I believe its over compensation because THEY are dumb.

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