Friday, March 27, 2009

In Case You Missed It

Yesterday the fabulous Kelly of "Kellyinaday's Weblog" declared it TM Day. There is no need to hate dear people, I was completely humble and honored during my day yesterday. I called my family and informed them of my prestigious honor and waited while they showered me with praises. Oh, it's great to be me! Hahahahaha, let me stop, but I did wake up singing "Ego" this morning.
Hopefully I will have an interesting weekend, because I don't have a thing to talk about. In my morning Bible Study I have been learning about joy. It came right on time because TheCount is getting increasingly upset about his job and really wants another one. Yesterday evening (no, he didn't get me anything for TM day and I let him know that will have to be rectified) he was so down. It didn't help that I got quite cranky yesterday evening because he cut the heat off and we have huge holes in our ceiling from the construction so it was even more cold. After he volunteered to watch my ti-voed episode of Top Model with me, I realized he really needed cheering up! I sacrificed my dignity and self esteem for his sake, and tried new exercises. That may not seem funny to you, but you've never seen me work out. I did my normal lunges and calf raises. Then I attempted push ups since Nerd Girl has everybody doing the 100 push up challenge. It didn't go well, so I looked up wall push ups. Now that's something I can do! I did a few of those while TheCount mocked me in the background. I did my crunches and some other leg thingy on my exercise ball and decided to close it off with some jumping jacks. Yeahhhhhhh, I shouldn't have done that! My left arm went up and I fell over in pain. I couldn't raise it. Convinced it was broken I started moaning and groaning and TheCount came over to help me. I got up to try again and then just decided to do one-armed jumping jacks which kind of messed up my balance. I was flailing around everywhere and TheCount looked mortified, "Baby, can you control your body, why are you always falling on the floor?"  And then he started reminiscing the day he tried to teach me cartwheels. He laughed at me for like 5 minutes last night as he imitated me throwing myself on the floor in an attempt to cartwheel. I probably should have been embarrassed because he was definitely laughing AT me and not with me, but I was just happy to see him smile. [This event will go in my folder because it is earning me points toward my Appreciate TM week]
Back to something that matters, what are some of your favorite exercises?
{Right now I'm listening to a conversation, one lady keeps telling the other, hold on for a moment, let me finish this. Every 5 seconds the lady starts her story again. The lady keeps on saying wait a moment please, and then the other lady starts with another question. It's so rude. She also keeps talking over the lady when she finally tries to answer her questions! She comes in here like 6 times a day and this same thing happens. Maybe if you would wait and be quiet when she talks you won't have to keep on asking her questions! The question she is asking now I specifically remember her asking on Tuesday. I'm going to need her to retire if she can't remember the basics}


Nerd Girl said...

Yay! I'm so proud of you and your wall pushups! My favorite exercise is cardio - either zumba or my time on the elliptical. I don't really like weights, but if I had to pick, I guess I'd go with bicep curls.

And good job with the mouse thingie. I would've DIED right there in the restaurant. After I finished screaming.

Therapeutic Musings said...

OMG I hate the elliptical! I only did it once and was miserable. I don't think I"m that coordinated. I've been enjoying weights lately. TheCount said that if I want him to pray for triplets with me, I have to get my strength up!

I'm so surprised I didnt' faint! I really really didn't want to ruin my lunch date and screaming would have definitely done that.

nikkita said...

running/jogging is my fave!!!!! when I am stuck indoors jumping rope is next! I tried that 100 push up challenge with Nerd Girl.....but I didnt last two weeks!!!

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