Monday, March 9, 2009

Live Your Life

We have this hanging in our bathroom, it's my motto. I know sometimes y'all read what I write on here and think, this chick is stupid/crazy/very silly. It's funny, because I am much more silly when I am by myself than when I'm around other people, even TheCount. When I'm home alone I walk around shrieking and screaming, dancing in the kitchen, and laughing as loud as I possibly can. Why? Because it makes me happy!

Dance as though no one is watching you

In the car on my way from work I blast the radio and act out music videos. I've seen other drivers glance over at me while I bounce around in my seat and I just keep on dancing. I'm not as bold to actually dance when people are watching, but I'm working on it!

Love as though you've never been hurt

I've been hurt in life. I was molested, I was raped. It was by people I knew, people I loved and it hurt. Those are the only 2 events in my life that I will lie to people about. My mom has asked before if anything ever happened to me, why I changed from being so outgoing and happy to a reclusive crybaby. I told her that nothing ever happened. It used to really eat me up inside because I blamed myself. One day, I decided to not let those events define me. I had many more happy days than those few days of torture. It helped me to begin letting people back into my life, to make friends again. It feels good to say I have a friend I can call if I need something.

Sing as though no one can hear you

This one, I've mastered! TheCount can verify, I will sing whenever, wherever much to the dismay of everybody that can hear me. I challenge you to try it. It is extremely liberating to belt out your favorite song and not care if your voice cracks or if you forget the words, do it, I dare you!

Live as though heaven is on earth

TheCount actually participates on this one. It is not a game folks, if you aren't enjoying life, why the heck are you alive? Find the things that make you happy and do them (even if it means yelling whoodie whooo in church sometimes)! God does not want to look down and see all his children defeated and miserable. I'm not saying that hard times don't come, but you have to remember that in the end you will have the victory so just keep on pushin'! If it's happening to me, then I can handle it. Didn't God say he wouldn't put more on us than we can bare? When I'm on here acting out, or being out of line it's just me being me. Enjoying life.

There is an old gospel song that I like to sing:

I've had some good days, I've had some hills to climb. But when I look back, and think things over. All of my good days, outweigh my bad days, and I can't complain.

I've left out a few lines, but that's how I sing it, lol. I don't mind posting about my bad days, days when I feel ugly, fat, or just plain funky but I always make sure that I spend more time laughing and enjoying life than I do crying about it.

**this post brought to you by a very, very funky day and scheduling posts at 2a.m. and talking to some people that never have anything positive to say**


kisz4tj said...

You're doing it right...I saw something similar in Tarjay on Sunday. Its a great motto.

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm loving this motto - really loving it!

Anonymous said...

gurl. i do karoake in my car too!! lol...people be lookin at me and i just sing at them! its worse in the summer bc my windows are down...and i dont be carin!

Ive been molested as well. the first people that i eold was my ex. Once you tell one person its much easier. more people than you think have been molested. i found that out when i started to share my story. I actually got one of my past coworkers to tell her mom about her father raping her bc i was open in what had happened to me. its good to hear that you decided not to be a victim.

i think that im gonna adopt this motto. i love it!

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