Friday, March 20, 2009

Jesus Loves Me

Pink scoffed at the idea of Appreciate TM Week, but I'm convinced yesterday was appreciate TM day! I was feeling good at the end of the day.
While at work I was walking through the office. Most of the time when people in this office see me, I'm behind a desk. I walked through and this lady was like "Oh my, isn't she so cute? I had no idea she was so tall and thin." Y'all she made my day, no, I think she made my month.
Last night TheCount's cousin came up so that we could help him pick out an engagement ring. Since he was coming up right after work we told him he could have dinner with us. I made Darius' Sesame Chicken (if you haven't noticed yet, I'm quite obsessed with him, lol). The whole time I was in the kitchen cooking TheCount was in there putting away the groceries I bought. It was meat day, lol. I had ground turkey, porkchops, chicken breast, drumsticks. flank steak, and beef for stewing. He had the task of breaking them all down and labeling the bags while I cooked our freezer is packed now. Anyway, I'm always nervous when I have to cook for people because my feelings would be hurt if they hated it. As soon as his cousin pulled up, I was fluffing the rice and sprinkling my sesame seeds. He came in and was like, wow, what's this? TM, you made this? We all sat down to eat and after his first bite he was like "oh wow, this is really good." Y'all already know I was cheesing. The whole time he was eating he was like "oh my goodness, you made this from scratch? This is so good." Being the greedy-10-minute-dinner-eating-cows that we are, we were finished way before him, TheCount was like, don't rush man, we'll wait for you. He was like "oh, I'm not. I'm savoring every bite of this." When we got back from the mall later he went right back into the kitchen and I see him and TheCount standing over the sink eating up the rest of the chicken, lol. Needless to say, he is welcome to come over for dinner anytime!
TheCount has been extra appreciative of my looks lately. I don't know if he's been reading the blog and noticed that I needed some reaffirmation, or if he is genuinely found a great new love for my body, lol. He was dishing out the compliments yesterday. Even this morning as he walked past me he doubled back to tell me how good my butt looked in my pants. Oh how I love this dude!
We both fell asleep on the couch last night, I got up and got in the bed and drifted back off to sleep. All of a sudden I popped up and started praying. It was kind of scary, cuz normally I'm very basic with prayer. I say what I have to say and then close it with amen. I don't normally get hype or anything. All of a sudden I find myself sitting straight up sounding like my pastor, lol. Then something told me to get up and go to the front door because we weren't safe. I did find our front door completely unlocked at 3am, which kind of shook me. I went and tapped TheCount and asked him to come get in the bed because I was a little scared. I followed him around the house while he got water, went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, everything. I couldn't be more than 2 feet from him. He could sense something was wrong so when we got in bed he held me close and prayed over us. I don't know if something was supposed to happen last night or not, but I felt comforted as I drifted back off to sleep.


Anonymous said...

gurl. go sat down somewheres. aint no such thing as a 'preciate TM week/month/year/life. at all ok. Maybe you was just lookin real cute. ever thought of that Tm, hunh? prolly not.

i need to learn to cook. it is my shame that i dont [insert sad face]. i wanna get married but im not very domesticated. *sigh* maybe i should make the effort to cook for mister incredible hunh?

thats scary that you felt that way. I think its so sweet that he prayed over the both of you. im glad everything was ok.

why dont you respond to comments dang it?!?

Therapeutic Musings said...

Now look darnit, don't be calling me out! I've been getting better at responding to comments, just normally at the end of the week. I don't ever go on my blog from work (but since I'm not in my office, lol) because our IT department tracks the network. I do not need them following me!

Now...just because of your resistance, I will be planning an offical Appreciate TM week complete with activities and gifts. Go ME!

Cooking is so fun, and easy. Seriously that sesame chicken will amaze people and it's not that hard.

I'm glad it was ok too, I don't know what was going on!

Anonymous said...

well the thing about cooking for him is that he dontl ike nothin that he dont know about kow what...ima blog about this...check my page in like an hour...

kisz4tj said...

mmmm...I believe in acting immediately when I feel that way. I'm sooo glad that you did.

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