Monday, March 30, 2009

Get your money right

I took all of zero pictures with the baby this weekend. It was so gloomy and rainy that we didn't really go anywhere. It was cool though, I did watch a marathon of Handy Manny which was quite entertaining.
We're having financial workshops at our church right now. They are soooooo good. Last night we learned how to calculate our net worth, more on budgeting, and talked about setting a vision for our family. If things don't line up with the vision, don't do it. How simple is that? Our goals are to pay off our loans and get a house. That is the immediate vision for our family because accomplishing those goals will be the stepping stone to our next set of goals. That means that sacrifices will have to be made. That BEAUTIFUL leather bag that I saw in Macy's on sale for $280 was meant to be mine and I had the money for it, however, it didn't line up with the vision, so I passed on it. That $280 needs to go toward the loan payment. Discipline, it's something I never thought I had, but it turns out I'm doing well. This week my goal is to not spend any money aside from fresh produce, and my meals for when I go out of town this weekend. When my ma was doing my hair this week I was perusing the sales papers and I saw some cosmetics I wanted for buy 1 get 1 free. That's the only time I buy things like that, I was getting all giddy and my mom was like, "you don't need it." I realized she was right and put the paper down. I was never able to do that before, I could not pass up a sale, lol. Don't get me wrong, TheCount and I are still going to enjoy life, but we will think of our goals before we spend. Growing up, my family took a lot of vacations, at least 2 week long trips per year and then many, many small ones. TheCount didn't have that luxury after he turned about 12 because his daddy was sick. Well one of the things I want for our family is vacation memories. The first time TheCount went to New York was with my family, his first trip to the beach was with me (at age 21), his first trip out of the country was with me. I love those memories and I want us to continue to make them. Last year I said I wanted to go on a cruise, he'd never been. Well, this year we're making it happen and every year after we will work hard to make sure we're in a position to go on vacations. What is the point of life if you don't take time to enjoy it?
As we work toward our goals and find interesting ways of managing or generating money, I'll share them with you guys (see, I'm not all silliness, lol). I have some websites that she gave us to check out, if they're useful I'll pass them on. Even in this crazy economic time, we don't have to struggle. I get so mad when people talk about they can't afford their rent yet they have fly hair, nails, clothes, and car. You are wearing your rent money! I hope it keeps you warm at night. I know 3 people that have lost, or are losing their houses and they didn't have to be. They didn't fall on hard times, lose their jobs, or all of a sudden face ballooning bills like so many other people that are unfortunately also losing their homes. They made a series of dumb decisions that they should have known not to do, they are all grown with grown children.
This one lady even called my mom and was like "pray for me that I get this other house, it's a million dollar home and I can get it for $500,000."
Mom: "Sandy, didn't your other house just go into foreclosure and you're living with your daughter because you didn't have money?"
Sandy: "Yeah, but I know God has this house for me, it's perfect for me"
Mom: "Did God increase your income and give you some financial wisdom? The bank wouldn't give you loan for the last house you tried to buy."
Sandy: "My parents are giving me the money" (she's in her fifties y'all)
Mom: "I'm sorry, I'm not praying for you to get this house you can't afford."
Sandy: "Well I can't just be living anywhere."
Mom: "Well then that will be my prayer, that God will protect you no matter where you live, because it shouldn't be in that house"
 (that sounds kind of mean, but trust me, this was a needed conversation. She's a very special woman. Her husband stashed away money and then ran away to Florida to get away from her. He called her from down there and was like, I'm gone. How cowardly was that? But if he would have said it to her face he probably would be chained up in the basement of her million dollar home.)
Everyday this lady calls my mom with stuff like this. Stop spending the money you want to have and spend the money that you do have. Ughhhhhh! If your church or other group is having a financial workshop I encourage you to attend. You don't have to struggle!


laughing808 said...

hey TM, can you share the informaion passed on in those financial seminars thru your church? you can e-mail it to me if need be.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I most certainly will! Next Tuesday when I get back in the office I can scan them in and email them to you. Once I check out the website she gave, I'll post on that too, since I think it will help.

laughing808 said...

cool, I appreciate that.

kisz4tj said...

Wow...Sandy is a piece of work! I'd like to get down on the email too..pls n thank you ;-)

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