Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Help Me Please!

Alright, once again I have a few questions for you guys. Normally I just google things, but these aren't really googleable. I want some real answers from some real people.
1. When you send your kids out with someone, do you send money as well? Does it differ if they are going out with a friend's family or their own family? What about if an aunt/uncle decides they want to take your child(ren) to the circus, would you send money or does an offer to take your child out  mean that they want to foot the bill?
2. My mom wanted my cousin to come over. He said he couldn't because he didn't have any gas and didn't get paid until the next day. So does that mean he runs out of money between paychecks? Do you (or somebody you know) regularly run out of money between pay periods? Doesn't this mean that they are constantly living above their means? When I was in college I knew that at any given time I may get swamped with school work and have to take some time off from my job, because of this I always kept a minimum of 3 paychecks in my checking account (ummmm so what if each paycheck was only like $150, lol). Do you keep an amount in your account that you don't let yourself go under?
3. If you have ever been on a weight loss program or were trying to lose weight, did you keep track of what you were eating and plug it into a calorie counter? I just started and I almost cried last night when I realized what was sabotaging my weight loss goal. I was seriously on track for my day and a handful of sugar roasted pecans blew me out of the water, I am sooo over that phase in life. They're good, but not that good, I need my pants to fit again!
4. When you paint your nails, what type of Top Coat do you use? How long does it take your nails to dry? It seems as though when I use a top coat my nails never dry, I wake up with smudges and such and it aint cute. When I don't use a top coat my polish is receding within a day. I never have smudges or issues with my toe nail polish, only my hands...what gives?
If all the questions don't apply to you, please answer the ones that do! I really need an honest answer for 1 & 2, because I'm trying to figure out how to handle some situations, I'm not trying to get in your business or anything, lol.


laughing808 said...

yeah, you are trying to get all up in people's biznez.....LOL

1. I don't have kids yet, but if they were going with friends, I'd offer to send money. Otherwise I'd expect both family and friends to let me know if money was needed.

2. I often run low on money between pay checks. I have a savings that I prefer NOT to touch unless neccessary. And I know of quite a few people that often run into this very same situation. My brother for example doesn't neccessarily live above his means, he has a toddler and with children unexpected expenses come up.

3. I've never been on a weight loss program. I have dieted or at least attempted to diet, but never kept track of calories or what I ate.

4. I only wear polish on my toes and I usually have a clear top coat to preserve the color. I've never really gauged how long it takes for them to dry, but I'd say about 20 minutes.

kisz4tj said...

1. It depends on who they are going with and what they're doing. Apple picking I don't send cash...for the circus I would. If someone is treating my girls to the circus they should'nt have to put out for anything else.

2. I do run mighty low between checks, but I also save so if an emergency arises I'm ok. I don't have a true blue emergency fund tho. I need one stat!

Have you tried the quick dry spray?

Nerd Girl said...

LOL @ laughing108!

1. I send money. Unless it is a last minute thing and I don't have any on me. Even then, I ask when I pick her up if I owe anything. Friends or family, doesn't matter.

2. We run low sometimes. My husband drives trucks, sometimes it's all good, sometimes, it is just okay. And when you add a kid to that and all the unexpected expenses that can and do arise, well sometimes I pray the end of the month - and my steady check - arrive sooner than later! Definitely not living above our means. Well, we could cut cable and the gym, but . . .

4. I only paint my toes. Can't handle the constant maintenance of doing my fingers and I can't stand less than perfect nails. I use double twist top coat - Revlon I think. It takes me a long time to do and dry my nails because I like it done right. Base coat, dry, 1st coat of polish, dry, 2nd coat, dry, top coat, dry. It usually takes me a few hours from start to finish.

Jazz said...

1) i dont have kids ... so ill tell you what my mom did for me . 99.9 percent of the time she sent money if I was going out with someone . I believe the only exception was with my aunt - she knew my aunt would pay for me .
2) I just started my job , but yes I do run low in between, BUT i also budget my money per day so that I can make it to pay day .

pserendipity said...

1. I try to always remember to send money.

2. I do run low between checks at my "real" job, but I have side gigs that get me through.

3. I keep track of calories with a program on my iPhone.

4. I get my nails done now, but I used to use the quick drying top coat. I think it might have been by Sally Hansen. ?

Therapeutic Musings said...

Thank y'all for the help!

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