Friday, March 6, 2009

Food and Fitness

A lot of people at work are on a weight loss kick. One lady is trying to eat healthy because she is pregnant and doesn't want to balloon (she is petite and her clothes are so stylish, if she can't fit them anymore I'm sure people would gladly take them from her). My officemate is trying to lose weight because she wants to have another baby (and she's very heavy). My new work out partner is trying to lose weight because she doesn't want to  be fat for her birthday (her words, not mine). I want to lose weight because my clothes don't fit and I have a cruise to go on in August.
 Ok, I'm about to be real with y'all, please don't hurt my feelings. In the past 6 months I went from 135 pounds to 150. This means that I can no longer even pull my size 4's up over my hips, they stop firmly below the butt in protest. My size 6's can barely be buttoned, and now my size 8's are tight. I'm not buying a bigger size. I will be on here telling y'all about how I got fired for coming to work in my underwear and a camisole before I buy a bigger size. I could see if there was a good reason for my weight gain, a baby to show for it, a bout with depression to blame it on, extreme eating where I enjoyed pizza and fries every day, but I don't even have a good story, so it must go!
I have a picture somewhere of me in the water the last time I went on a cruise. I was 18 and 125pounds. I was so confident in running around the beach and being photographed. Now, whenever I see my dad with the camera, I run the other way! I'm going to print it out and put it up for my motivation. A lot of people at work have been using this website to help with this get fit journey. It is great! I put in how much weight I want to lose (15 pounds) and the date by which I want it to be a distant memory, lol. They formulated how many calories I should eat and provided me with fat, carb, and protein guidelines. I can keep track of how much water I'm drinking (don't laugh, but I just realized that 8ounces is the same as 1 cup. I was getting upset because I couldn't drink 8 glasses of glass holds 24ounces. I'm an idiot). They also give you a fitness plan. How many calories you need to burn a week and different ways you can do it. I do much more exercise than they say so I guess I can expect the weight to come off a little before the goal I set for myself. Since I've been super open with people hear about my weight (sharing keeps me from being sad about it which certainly won't help me lose it) people have been open with me. This is a blessing and a curse. I have heard some stuff that just seems stupid to me.
My officemate (queen of Pepsi and McDonald's) had this conversation with a few of us:
Officemate: "Yayyyy I figured out why I wasn't losing weight last time"
Me: Pepsi, McDonald's and that laziness in the gym you called working out?
Group: "Oh wow, why?"
Officemate: "I wasn't eating enough calories for my weight"
Group: "really?"
Me: now this don't sound no type of right. you need to eat more to lose more? how do anorexics do it?
Officemate: "Yeah, I was only eatin 1,200 calories a day and I need 1,700 for my weight"
Group: "ohhh, mmhhhmmm"
Me: don't nobody have anything to say? What the heezy hay kinda foolishness is this? Y'all know she lying right? Her lunches were 1,200 calories, she never only got 1,200 calories in a day, goodness, my greedy but can barely stick to that. Somebody say something. SOMEBODY!!!!!
Nobody said anything and my brain was just flying a mile a minute. She also said that somebody told her that if she burns a certain amount of calories a day she can eat what she wants. I was like, yeah, if you're Michael Phelps. But alas, she has been eating her McDonald's breakfast (gotta get those calories in) and drinking her Pepsi (not diet, we need more calories!) and wondering why she can't sleep at night.
Hmm, maybe that's why I can't lose weight, I'm all up in her business. Off to mind my own and work on my own goals. I'll update y'all at the end of the month of any progress (ohhh and there  better be some to report or I'm subscribing the Officemate Method of Weight Loss).


kisz4tj said...

Didn't you denial is a river! Anywhoo let me give you some tips that helped me a few years ago. I kicked up my cardio, walking, jogging, etc..I stopped eating after 7 pm, I drank alot of water with lemon and I stopped super The pounds melted, and this was after 2 kids. Oh and I also worked on my portions. I immediately put the fork down after I felt should never ever feel full..its not necessary. That combo did wonders.

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