Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It backfired, emphasis on fire!

I've been on a quest to end my prudeness. I mean, I'm not going to walk around talking about doing the grown up or anything because I can't loosen up that much, but TheCount's nickname for me should not be grandma (the granny nickname came from TheCount walking in on me reading the tv guide while watching murder she wrote followed with the golden girls). I cover my eyes during sects scenes in movies and I look away when people kiss, because I feel those are private moments. I found 2 things that I would be willing to do. The fist was change my lounge clothes from those one piece pink pajamas to at least some nice silk chemises. I got a lot of nice ones at my bridal shower. I had one on yesterday and TheCount was like, uhhh granny who gave you that brown flowered thing? I started cracking up and told him it was my attempt to be sectsy! Then I offered to put my pink one piece jammies on, which he declined. I suggest you take what you can get buddy!
The second thing I attempted will serve as my good deed for you for the year! I was in the store with my mom and we saw the "k/y yo/urs and mi/ne" stuff. I told her how fun it looked in the commercial and that I had a coupon for it. She is all for me trying to be exciting so she made me get it. So I showed TheCount and was like didn't the commercial make this seem like magic juice, lol? We agreed to try it. Ummmmm, y'all know I'm not going to go into details, but look at the title of this post and draw your own conclusions. I really want to know if they tested this product on prostitutes that were used to STD pain. Let this be a word of advice don't buy that! Y'all know how cheap TheCount is right? Why did he say we should find somebody to give it to since we only used it once! If you have anybody that you're trying to keep from having sects, I have a good product for you, lol. It'll deter her for a lonnnngggg time!
Tomorrow, we will be back to our regularly scheduled Grandma Prudence talk.


Anonymous said...

lol...oh TM how i love your posts!! They make me laugh...first of all. you are murried gurl! you best be wearin some of that ling-er-ie for the count! lol...you never saw the eharmony commercial where the gurl was like "i vow to never wear a flannel nightgown." and the dude was like, "can you just vow to never wear a night gown?" What if the count wore raggedy drawz to bed?? that would not be appealing, would it?

Second of all...gurl that yours and mine is NOT ok. Mr. Incredible thought he was gonna get all secksi wit me and use that and the only thing that happened was i made him run upstairs and get a ice cold towel to put on "it" while i screamed about how it burned. smh...i tought it was ust me though...cuz im extra sensitive...but yeah, it feel like some one had eaten cinnmon and then out their mouth on it... not a good look...at all.

Anonymous said...

im sorry i cnat type...i meant: it felt like someone ate cinnamon gum and then put their mouth on "it"

laughing808 said...

I'm in tears laughing at you.....LOL this is too funny. But I have my own confession with another product from that manufacturer, the warming gel or something that came out a few years back, well let's just say I get horrible flashbacks when I hear the name K/Y cause of it. So, um yeah you should have asked advice from some wordly people about those products.......LOL

Gosh, this was too funny.......

I suggest sticking with outfits to spice things up verses products

Ok, I'm gonna stop laughing at you......LOL

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Interesting...that's all I can say.

pserendipity said...

You know, that was really more than I ever wanted to know about KY Jelly. Ever. So, yeah, I'd suggest you just stick to your silk chemise and hopefully that will suffice...well, maybe you could drop by your girl "Victoria" sometimes.

kisz4tj said...

I've been wondering about product. In fact I'm downright JEALOUS when I see it. Now....not so much LOL...dang girl!

Therapeutic Musings said...

@pinx...why didn't you warn somebody man! Nobody told those lying white folks to make that eharmony commercial. Let your husband keep cutting the heat off and see how long you walk around naked, lol. And I happen to like raggedy drawz...I rip them off!

@Laughing808 see, that's why you need a blog, then YOU could have been posting about this crap and I could have avoided it!

@Mrs YF...you have been warned, don't bring this crap on your honeymoon

@Pserendipity trust me, you needed to know this! I do have the Vicky stuff but at 7pm I'm not gonna be walking around in it, lol

@kisz4tj Please keep this post in mind in all your future endeavors, lol.

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