Thursday, March 12, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Mon, Tues, and Wed posts were all scheduled last week because I have been so busy. I tell ya, you have not because you ask not. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I was crying and whining about not getting any work. Well, now I'm heading 2 projects. I've barely had time to read/comment on my other 2 million blogs. I think the bulk of the rush is over and I have an impressive spreadsheet to show for it!
Now it's time to get caught up in what has been going on in the world of TM. Over the weekend I decided that the world didn't deserve the joy and light that is my shining personality, so I mellowed out. TheCount doesn't know what to do when I'm calm, he was convinced I was mad at him and plotting his death. Friday, Saturday , and Sunday he kept on asking what was wrong. Dude! Nothing is wrong, I'm just chilling. It was funny, I forgot how deep my voice actually is when I'm not all hyped up.
Sunday we went hiking with my parents. I really kicked my workouts up this week and I haven't had an appetite really. I've been tracking my calories and some days I'm not even hitting 1,000. Don't worry, I'm not starving myself, but I've been so busy I normally have my oatmeal breakfast, snacks, then dinner. Today is No Meat day. Grapes for breakfast, carrots for lunch, and black bean soup with Darius' corn muffins for dinner. I wanted to eat a little more, but I'm working in downtown Baltimore this week and I don't use the facilities in this building. NO bathroom, microwave, or lunchroom for TM. Especially since they have signs all around about this asbestos project going on. I'm staying right in my already renovated office and then rolling out.
I almost died at the gym with my workout buddy on Tuesday. I got a little power happy on the treadmill and selected level 17 out of 20. My workout buddy looked over at me and was like "geez, next to you I feel like I'm not doing anything." As sweat dripped off my nose I let out my war cry of "must have Beyonce legs by summertime!" After the workout I felt so good though, I can't wait until I'm back in the office tomorrow so we can do that again.
Why do the people's try me all the time? I went to TJ Maxx as I do 2-3 times a week to stalk the shoe section. I struck gold and found a pair of brown wedge heels for $2.00. I was flipping out. I took them up to the register and once again had some drama. 
Cashier: "Is this the right price?"
HeadChickInCharge: "Can't be" she turned around and marked the shoes up to $15.00. Still not a lot, but how is she gonna play me like that?
Me: oohhhhhhh no, it aint about to go down like that! Mumbling, "well I don't want them then, that aint fair, I want the price I saw on the shoe. There are tons of marked down shoes back there, go mess with those."
HCIC: "well this isn't the right price," as she tries to pull off the sticker to see if I put it on there. By now another cashier sees what is going on and looked at my face.
OtherCashier: "$2.00 is the right price, the employee just used the wrong color sticker"
HCIC: "But these were on the new shipment, they shouldn't be $2."
OC: "Ring up the shoes!"
HCIC: "well, you got a good deal"
 Do not stand in the way of TM and a sale! I was going to fight her to the death for those shoes. I'll be going back tomorrow, they were moving out stuff to bring in some new things I think because the size 9 section was quite sparse.
I think the people at my church read this blog. There were so many catch phrases being thrown out last night I didn't even want to use mine. That and the fact that I was distracted by the worst weave I had ever seen. It was horrible! Oh, and I was determined to wear the jeans I wanted even though they don't reflect my current size. My thighs were trying to escape all night, lol.
I went to lunch with TheCount yesterday since we were both working in Bmore. He was so excited to take me to this place, I didn't have the heart to tell him the food was horrible. It was so bland. The potatoes were dry, the corn tasted old, and the chicken was boring. I was looking around like what the heezy hay is this? Are you hiring a chef? Hire me! I know it's a recession, but I'm going to need you to throw the food away at the end of the week, not use it again until it runs out.
I've been having very, very strange dreams lately. They make me kind of uncomfortable. Sometimes they are scary, but other times they are great, like the one about Darius getting his own food network show! It seems as though this week all of the dreams had to do with scandals and corruption though. Lord, if you're trying to tell me something, can you send it in an email? Thanks!


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