Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cook Off!

Since TheCount and I both stayed home yesterday, we had a day free to do whatever we wanted. I actually got TheCount out to run some errands with me. We slipped and slid our way to the wal.mart a mile from our house (the snow plow people really had not done a good job around where we lived). TheCount gets a nervous twitch when watching me spend money. It's like dude, we have to eat, and we have to wipe ourselves after using the bathroom. Food and tissue are not negotiable! He kept asking, what's this for? What you going to do with that? Well honey, this is called smoked sausage, I'm going to put it in my spaghetti. These are diced tomatoes, I am going to make my sauces with them. This is bread, it is used for sandwiches and toast. Count, meet tissue, I use this every single time I use the bathroom. It needs to be of good quality. He stressed me out so bad I forgot he said I could buy a better vacuum yesterday and didn't realize until we were back in the house that I forgot to get it. We also went to the grocery store to get fresh produce.
Count: Why we going to the grocery store?
Me: For food
Count: Didn't we just get food?
Me: Did you see any fresh fruits or vegetables in our basket?
Count: Ok, so we are going in for fresh fruits and veggies? Then we're done?
Me: We're going in for what I say we're going in for! If I decide to turn cartwheels up and down the cereal aisle, you will stand and wait till I'm done. Goodness, why you ask so many questions man?
Count: Excuse me if I want to make sure we have a game plan and you aren't luring me to my death.
Uggghhh, dude is impossible. All throughout the grocery store I had to explain myself. Even when our bill got cut in half after coupons and sales his ungrateful self was like, well it's not savings because you still spent money ($11). If the ground wasn't covered in snow I would have ran off and sped out the parking lot and made him walk home. Glad I didn't try that because we certainly spun out trying to leave the parking lot.
Last night we had a Top Chef cook off. I was a contestant and the judge. Needless to say, I won. He cheated by using some food he purchased from Pasta Blitz on Saturday. He also kept asking me for help. I kept hollering out "this is a competition, I can't help you!" I made Smoked Sausage Spaghetti and in addition to his purchased food that he put in the oven and claimed he made, he made some rice/sausage/cheese mixture that was gritty as all get out cuz he refused to follow the directions for the rice. Maybe when my sister comes home we will get her to photograph or film our show. We had so much fun and there was stuff everywhere, he had to turn the top of the dryer into a food prep station and all the plastic bags from our store run were in the middle of the floor. Chaos and food, I love it! 
Do you and your S/O go shopping together? Do y'all cook together?


pserendipity said...

Tim and I certainly don't shop together. All his standing around sigh-ing makes me nervous, and I like to take my time in the grocery store. Come to think of it, I don't think we've cooked anything together, either -- unless he's barbequeing and I'm making the sides.

Therapeutic Musings said...

@Pserendipity, I know! In the grocery store I find myself about to spaz out because he is an in and out person and I'm a touch everything in the store person. Cooking together is a lot of fun though, y'all should do it! It's funny how people do the same thing differently...like when he grates cheese wrong, lol

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