Thursday, July 17, 2008

Make it Known

I am a quote and bible verse lover; here are the 2 that are on the post-it attached to my monitor:

“Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier”
“We walk by faith and not by sight”

17 days until my birthday. 2 months and 23 days until the wedding.

That being stated, there are some things that need to occur in the very near future. Following in Nerd Girl’s footsteps, I am going to make my requests known before God and you guys.

The Count needs to find a job. I don’t want him to settle into a job he doesn’t like, he has that already. I want him to be able to find a job that he will enjoy that will give him the skills to be able to move up in the Environmental field. I would never push him to do something he hated although people keep acting like I should. One comment in particular made me have to let this woman know that I don’t play that talkin’ bout my baby!
“Has your fiancé found a job yet? What’s he waiting on, he better hurry up!”
Ummm excuse me MissLearnYourPlace, he is waiting on the Lord. I appreciate your concern but don’t worry about us. I’ve worked out our budget and we can make it on what we’re doing now while we wait for God to bless him with a job he enjoys. Needless to say the lady apologized quickly for speaking out of turn and has been nothing but encouraging ever since.

We need a place to live. We want to rent a town house. Seeing as though this is both of our first time out on our own, homeownership and a new marriage, coupled with new jobs, bills, and independence seems like a lot to happen all at once. Now if God in all his miraculous power and infinite wisdom (I say phrases like that all the time in random conversations, people often look at me like I’m crazy) chooses to bless us with a way to own our own home by October, then bring it on! But now, I think He is saying to us start out with what you can manage, I’ll bring the increase in My own time.
When we get said living place, we are going to have to be able to furnish it! Duh that’s a given right? I know, but we are starting off with nothing but a mattress and a $39 microwave, lol. It’s a very very very good mattress (my mom and sister sneak in my bed with me at night they love it so much) but I think the novelty of a mattress on the floor will wear off very quickly. That being said I believe that furniture and funds to get said furniture will come our way!

Those are the immediate thing that I’m releasing my faith for. Bible study was on this same topic last night, so I’m feeling extra encouraged. But I need to stop backing down when haters start trying to piss on my dreams, lol. My dad will say things like, “I don’t know how you and The Count are going to make it in this economy.” I look at him like excuse me? I’ve started just throwing Bible verses back at people which always gets funny reactions. We will be just fine! God will supply all of our needs J

So what are your hopes/dreams/needs/desires for the future? Speak about it, don’t be scared!


Anonymous said...

Faith is a requirement but remember faith without work means nothing. The count might have to take a few jobs that he does not particularly like, that’s jus a fact of life, but if he works hard and is faithful….that dream job will come. Has he looked into working for EPA, he may have to start off in a basic entry position but there is room to grow working 4 the gov’t . Financial difficulties is the number 1 reason for divorce, you don’t want to start off the marriage with unrealistic expectations, or one person taking on the majority of the financial responsibility. Work together, share responsibility, talk about concerns, and it really wouldn’t hurt for you and him to sit down in front of a financial advisor. Lastly majority of young couple start out with no furniture, it’s ok if you sleeping on a mattress for a while. Nobody should be in your bedroom but you two. It’s more important to have a place to stay, with no furniture that you can afford, than to have a fully furnished place that you can’t.

pink said...

okaaaay?! Bc i definitely have an apt with no couch...and right now that is fine bc nobodys comin over anyway.

when you struggle together it makes you closer.

now look i aint got time to go into my hopes and dreams im tired and i got a full email box...ill be back

Mrs Count said...

Thanks for the feedback guys. The count and I did go through 3 months of premarital counseling which covered marital expectations and financial advising, so we're good on that :)

But the count is looking at entry level jobs, what I was saying was that there is not point in moving from one job he doesn't like to another company that won't get him where he wants to be. If he's going to leave where he is, it will be for something better.

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