Thursday, July 10, 2008

Back in the day-Cheap vs. creative

Cheap Date or Creative Romantic was the subject of Pink's post today and I decided I wanted to post on it as well so I wouldn't hog up her comment section.

Now my first date with my fiance, I mentioned it before, but I'll sum it up because that post was long! After his mother picked me up he drove us to the movies and I had to buy my own daggon ticket. To add insult to injury the meal provided for me was McDonald's fries (it is irrelevant that that's my favorite food, he didn't know that!). Well without a doubt everybody would call that a cheap date.

Our first Valentine's day The Count (my fiance) had $20! He couldn't work because he had to stay home and take care of his dad, we were in our freshman year of college. So our first V-day we took the metro downtown and went to museums (which were free of course) and our meal was from a street vendor. He did present me with a ring (that his mom ordered from HSN and he decided he should give to me-I didn't know this at the time-I thought he bought it for me). At the time I thought he was being a creative romantic now, now I see his behind was being cheap!

Now, I, much like Pink, am very flexible when it comes to dates. I am perfectly happy sitting on the couch watching movies, walking in the park, or having a picnic and going hiking. HOWEVER, I think there are times when the game must be stepped up! At some point your creative romance better cost you some darn money! When I tell people about some of The Count and my first dates they look at me like I'm a fool because they cost little to no money-but it was because we didn't have it like that! Most of our dates now are little cheap things (we have a wedding and a house coming up) but there are situations when The Count realizes he has to go above and beyond!

My 21st bday-We kept fighting because I wanted him to come to N.C. with me to the family reunion. He kept talking about how he couldn't get time off of work. On my actual bday he said he had something planned for me, my mom and my sister presented me with my birthday dress and helped me get ready. Well he shows up and tells me that we are all going out to a play and dinner (I loooooveeeeeee theatre and food!) so we all go and it's great (did I mention I didn't have my first drink until I actually turned 21-I'm weird like that). The next day I wake up and The Count and my sister's boyfriend are at the house. My sister is standing over me with a bag telling me to get up and get ready to go the car. We all went to Bmore for the weekend (my parent's came to cuz they don't play that!). We spent the rest of the weekend going to shows, restaurants, hanging out, and playing. It was so much fun-he stepped his game up! He also went to the family reunion with me the next weekend.

My 22nd bday- I knew The Count told my mom about the bday plans but wouldn't tell me anything except be ready at 8am and bring chill clothes and clothes for dinner. I get up and get dressed-my mom and sister made me change. I showed them what I wanted to wear to dinner and they told me no, and gave me yet another bday dress. He shows up and we get on our way. We go to the arboretum (I had been begging to go there on a picnic) and walk around. It's hot as all get out that day so after a while I feel sick and we get in the car for lunch. He is pumping the a/c and he keeps taking wrong turns so we never actually leave the arboretum. Eventually he pulls up under some trees and stops the car, goes to the trunk and pulls out a picnic basket! We sit in the shade and eat and then we get ready for the next place. We pull up to a strip in D.C. and I'm looking like okkkkkk what is this. We go inside and it's a spa! I get my nails done and a massage and it was just lovely. We leave there and go to his house where I fall asleep. He wakes me up telling me to hurry up and get ready we are late for dinner. He blindfolds me and I get in the car. When I get to the restaurant I hear "Welcome to Chez Pierre". I sit down, take my blindfold off and it's a surprise bday for me at my house! They set up tables with table linens in the basement and we had dinner with all my friends and family. When it was time to get up and cut the cake The Count stops walking and turns around. I notice that the song All my life is playing and everybody is staring and my aunts and mom are crying. He gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him!

So to me, it's not about the money spent on an event it's about the time, thought, and effort that make the difference between a cheap dude that needs to be left alone and one that you keep around for the long run!


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Ok I think everyone who read that said very sweet fellow you have there. Yes, cheap is allowed at times, everything that is fun does not have to cost a lot of money. Every now and then yes some funds should be
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