Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hair talk

Speaking of hair here are 2 funny conversations that have come about at work because of the braids

Oldwhitelady: What's different about your hair?
Me: Braids
Oldwhitelady: Are they extensions?
Me: (thinking-duh do you think my hair just got this long and thick overnight?) Yes
Oldwhitelday: Oh well they look nice
Me: Thanks (now please go away)

Bosslady: (calling my phone) Girl, do you have a new 'do? Come in here and let me see that!
Me: Ok, I'm coming over.
We start talking and the gist of the conversation is this. Bosslady has a lady boss in this office. She asked the woman if it was ok for her to get braids since there were important client meetings coming up she wanted to make sure. Bosslady's bosslady told her it was fine. Well a couple of weeks later Bosslady's bosslady is in the conference room meeting with somebody and Bosslady walks by. This woman says to the stranger "geez I wish she would get her real hair back". This person was friends with bosslady and came and told her. Bosslady was like "girl, that's how I know I was cute, she was jealous I was looking all young and sexy!"

Ok bosslady, get it then girl! I was cracking up. If I was bosslady I would have kept getting my hair braided and dare her to say something. I was in there egging her on, oh girl you should get them again, that would be cute. She was like sometimes people (that aren't black) don't really understand the logistics of our hair, but don't worry if somebody says anything to you I will set them straight. I tell ya she just won't let me hate her, lol.


pink said...

oh hell no! "i wish she would get her real hair back"?! ida been heated and aint no way in hell im gon ask you if i can get braids...as long as they aint platinum blond and lookin like shanene (and i wouldnt do that anyway)

whooo! these blogs got me pissed off today honey!! lol

Mrs Count said...

I know! When she said she asked if she could get braids I looked at her like huh? Were you asking them to pay for it? lol. I should get one purple braid right in the front and see if anybody says anything.

pink said...

*blank stare*

you'd better not TM!


Mrs Count said...

Any other time you encourage my foolishness, now when I want to be funky fresh you turn into a hater?

Girl, jus playin, you would never see me doing that!

Anonymous said...

U know wat, I know this is mean but sometimes I wish white ppl would jus shutthafuckup! I know it was a white lady that said that, always talkin bout wat they know nothing about. The sad about it, is…..they want us to look like them. I bet you if bosslady had a weave they’d love it! Umm hmm hmm another sad day workin in a whit man’s world

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