Monday, July 28, 2008

Hey look, twins!

Can I just say how much I love my church? If you are in the DMV you should definitely come check us out sometime! Yesterday was teen sunday so they ran the service: praise and worship, the announcements, greeting the visitors (which they turned into a surprisingly cool rap song), offering, and they all got to do it in their style. Imagine the praise and worship team cranking out a rock n roll style song in those funny looking shades Kanye has been performing in. It was so cute! They had dancers and the step team, it was really hype! I know some of the older people were probably 2 seconds from going deaf and probably didn't really care for the style, but everybody was on their feet supporting the teens. There is this brother and sister that play the violin and they did a hip-hop violin song and it was soooooo good, I was looking at them like oh my goodness, do you guys do weddings? The teens loved it too because they all ran down to the front to cheer them on, it was so wonderful! Pastor Cynthia preached on holiness which was much needed for teens and adults because she says exactly what is on her mind and will call you out in a second (which she did quite a few times). After church there was a concert featuring Da Truth. I had been around him before at some conferences and am very familiar with his music because the Count really likes it, what I did not realize though is HE LOOKS JUST LIKE THE COUNT! No joke, people kept saying it yesterday and doing double takes! The Counts best friend was back stage and Truth came and dapped him up. A few minutes later the count came up to his friend and dapped him up. His friend looks at him and says "dude you just spoke to me, how many times are you going to say hello?" The count was like uhhh no I didn't. When his friend looks around and sees it was actually Truth that spoke to him first he was like oh crap! After the concert we went in the bookstore to speak to him and I was like ya'll look just alike. Truth looked up at the count (there is like a 6 inch height difference) and was like daggggg I can definitely see it. Then everybody else at the church was looking like wooowwww brothers! It was quite funny.

After church we went and discussed the counts 3 job offers, decided on the environmental job and then searched online for apartments. Things are going quite well and I'm a very very happy lady :) BTW, my birthday is in exactly one week!


pink said...

Rev. Tony Lee's church is like that. Its in Iverson Mall...that what church i go to when i not a fan of long, dry sermons...i need some spice!! lol.

Mrs Count said...

My church is right across the street from Iverson mall! Now you have no excuse not to make your way on over one sunday.

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