Friday, July 11, 2008


Guys the wedding is in 90 days. 3 months! If I listed the things we needed to still do I'd probably start crying, soooooooo we'll just leave it at this: The Count is on an interview right now as I type. I've been doing some serious praying and I also decided to put it out there that I'm believing God that he will get this job (alright God, everybody read that I said it, do your thing!). So of course I will post an update on that.

Why am I here researching a location for a friend's friend's bridal shower (that is in 3 weeks)? I don't even know where mine is going to be and I'm scrambling to find her a place for $800 for 80 people including food. Any suggestions? It seems like everybody's wedding problems are coming my way so I'm learning a lot of what not to do!

I have a question and I realllyyyyyy need to know your honest opinions. Do you think it's rude to be invited to the ceremony and not the reception? I don't want to give my point of view yet because I want honest feedback.


pink said...

ummmm...i dont really know what i think about it but it comes off as saying "yes, i want you to witness our beautiful union in holy matrimony and all but ummmmm...we aint payin for you to party wit us." thats just what it says to me.

Anonymous said...

Hell yay, its rude to invite someone to the ceromony and not the reception. Its like sayin "please come drop off your gift at the church, but after that we dont wanna see your ass". Its better not to invite them to both, and if you looking to cut down the guest list, make the reception and 18 & up affair. Tell them to leave the kiddies at home

laughing808 said...

I don't think it's rude to invite people to the ceremony only. Most people would/should understand that financial issues prohibit everyone from attending the reception since it's the bares the highest price tag of the wedding.

And someone menioned bringing a gift, well if you aren't invited to the reception don't give a gift. Simply come witness the union and call it a day.

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