Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We interrupt this regularly scheduled bathroom break

Question for you: Do you talk to people while they are using the bathroom? I'm not talking about family members, I mean coworkers.

Yesterday I went to the bathroom and bosslady was at the sink. Of course I spoke and then went into the stall, but she kept talking. Talking about her vacation, where she went last year, how she wasn't going to have time to go this year, blahblahblah. The whole time I'm thinking, I am trying to pee! I couldn't do it. I was so uncomfortable with her talking to me while my pants were down that I couldn't even use the bathroom. So I walked out and continued our conversation and went back to my office. I was telling my sister about it and was like that was rude, you don't talk to somebody while they are peeing. And my sister asked "says who?" I stopped and thought about it, I just thought it was one of those unspoken rules or common courtesy, but apparently not. My sister was like don't be mad at her because you can't perform with an audience! So that brings me to my question again. Do you talk to people while they are using the bathroom? Do you find it uncomfortable when people do?


pink said...

lmao!! it depends on who it is. i have coworkers that i am close enough to talk to them while im peeing. but a stranger? no. why are you talkin to me?! but im mad you couldnt pee tho lol. theres no way id risk a UTI just cuz she wanted to get all chatty cathy on me in the ladies room. you crack me up TM!

Mrs Count said...

About 15 minutes later I went running back to the bathroom because at that point I couldn't hold it anymore! You know what I forgot to mention, that shoe scuff mark on the toilet seat that definitely wasn't there earlier in the day! Maybe that's the other reason I couldnt go! I was so perplexed by what the heck went on in that stall :)

Just_Wondering said...

OMgoodness what a funny story lol I so don't mind going while talking or talking to other while they are going because we're there for the same reason!! Now if it was another kinda bathroom break I so wouldn't say a peep!! lol But some people can't go when others are around. A friend of mine would have the sink running so we wouldn't hear her peeing! lol

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