Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can you hear me now?

Bossman is still here! At least he doesn’t keep coming in my office for silly little things, although he does keep looking in here so I at least try and look busy. Bosslady is working from home today, which I am thoroughly enjoying! She did manage to call me and ask me something ohso dumb though, I think she likes my voice! Well let’s go back to last week. Bosslady was trippin! I didn’t know what to do but one day I got really mad. I don’t get mad often and I act out my anger even less, but I think she was one conversation away from experiencing my wrath. She was HOLLERING at me over the phone for things that were her fault! The other lady in my office was looking at me because wide eyed because I just sat the phone down and I was shaking (step 1 of my anger), so I responded to her in the softest voice I could (step 2, I have to speak soft because I sound like I’m about to cry when I’m upset), and hung up the phone (step 3, talk reckless, get ignored).****

Well the next day when she came in, there was a department meeting. During that meeting, she acted a darn fool holding it up arguing about something stupid. Well somebody wasn’t having it and Ms.Boldness told bosslady off! You will never guess what bosslady had the nerve to say to her, “I don’t like the way you are talking to me!” HAHAHAHAHA For real lady? You have some nerve. I will say though, since that incident bosslady has taken a whole different tone with me. Even when I messed up doing something yesterday she talked to me in a civil manner instead of trying to make me feel dumb. It was refreshing. She told me I did a good job on a couple of things I worked on for her and I was beaming. A little kindness goes a long way in my book. Now, if she could only remember that I have lunch from 12-1. EVERY SINGLE DAY, she finds a reason to interrupt me.

Day 1: Her: “Why is your door shut?” Me: “Because I’m eating ribs and didn’t want to stink up the office” Her: “Oh, you’re on lunch, are you done yet?” Me: Chewing my food, looking at the clock refusing to answer a question that is obvious
Day 2: Her: “Ummm, so what projects are you working on now?” Me: “My lunch”
Day 3: It’s 12:30 and I’m eating and she comes to my door Her:“You take lunch from 1-2 right?” Me: as I’m swallowing my food “No, it’s from 12-1” Her: Ohhhh

It wouldn’t have been so bad if this wasn’t 3 consecutive days! Now I think she’s just trying to be funny. I’ll be walking by, food in hand and she’ll think of something dumb to ask me. But she isn’t in today, and I just had a full hour to eat with no interruption. Pure bliss!

****The worst thing you can do to me is holler at me. No joke. Growing up I don’t recall one time that my mother actually yelled at my sister or me out of anger. Talked sternly yes, got louder when we acted deaf, yes, but actually yelled? Not once! I’ll say things like she yelled at me and by that I mean fussing, no anger fueled tirades in my house growing up. I am the same way and expect that courtesy from other people. I have broken up with dudes because they raised their voice at me. Most people don’t see why I make a big deal out of it and I tell them it’s just one thing I will not tolerate, under any circumstance!


pink said...

OMG! TM...dawg...did you really get gangster on bosslady like that??!! Son (sorry, i hadda take it to the hood for a second)...you gangsta son...lol seriously. but we are peas in a pod. I would swear ur a picses bc i would have banged on her too. but i dont think i would have put the phone down. by then i would have asked her who in the hell she was talkin to. but yeah...ur definitely a thug. or you were that day lol.

Mrs Count said...

You are silly! I have resigned from being a thug and have turned back into a nice sweet young lady! I was just so mad that she was acting like that. Next time, I'm going to just keep acting like I don't understand what she is saying and make her repeat herself until she calms down, lol.

pink said...

lol...that would be too funny. like "im sorry. could you please repeat that? i didnt understand *pleasant smile*" you are sooooo crazy!

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