Friday, July 25, 2008

The Happy Dance

Oh yeahhhhh oh yeahhhhhh (it doesn't really have the same effect when I type it. I normally say this in sing song voice while flailing my arms and dancing around). That is the soundtrack to my happy dance. Why am I doing my happy dance? The count has 3 job offers. Yes 3!

1. His current job wants to make him the manager of his own store.
Pros-he's good at it, the pay is great, jewelry discounts are even better :)
Cons-retail hours suck, it's not really what he wants to do with his life

2. The place where he used to do his internships have offered him a job
Pros-ummm, it's a job, lol ohhh we could take the metro together!
Cons-again, it's not what he wants to do, the pay is so-so

3. With an environmental company
Pros-it's what he went to school for, it's what he wants to do, they pay for his training and stuff so he can move up, the guy is very nice, he has already told him he can have the time around our wedding off, it's the perfect entry position for him to learn and grow
Cons-the pay isn't what he wants, but is still good
Looks like we have a winner! Job number 3 it is. He's going to decide by monday though.
Next task, our apartment. We're thinking of moving to Laurel because it will be in between both jobs and not too far from church or family. Did I ever tell ya'll about my last attempt at apartment living (going to check old blog posts-please wait a second-ok I didn't here it is now)

It was around this time last year that my best friend and I decided we should move into our own place. It was our last semester of college, I had just gotten engaged, and a new job. We thought we were big time. Since our school was in Bmore, her job was in Bmore, and mine was in Timonium, Bmore seemed like a good place to settle down. We searched and searched and then finally found a place we both liked. I'll skip the incidentals and say this: we lasted 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS! Why you ask?

Night one: I was sleeping because I worked nights and had to get ready to leave in a little while. My mom and the count were taking out the trash and stuff and half of the neighborhood was outside getting arrested.

First whole night alone: I get up to go get a bottle of water from the fridge (important note, that's the only food like substance we had in the apartment). I go to the kitchen, flick on the light switch and a mouse runs into my foot and then under the stove! What do I do, scream, run to my room sit in the middle of the bed and cry! I called my mom who was in california taking care of my aunt and she calms me down and tells me to call my sister. I call my sister start crying again and then she says "mommy knew this was going to happen. The first night there the neighbors told her to tell you to watch out for the mice. But she didn't want to tell you because she knew you wouldn't stay". This sends me back into hysterics and I sit in the middle of the bed crying until 7am when I call my daddy and ask him to come up and mouse proof the apartment.

Moving my roommate in: A cat runs into our apartment and sits there like he has a right to be there. We are both scared of cats, we make her dad go get it.

First night with my roommate there: I walk out into the living room. We have our trash in the middle of the floor with the lights on because we don't want any surprises. I step out and all of a sudden the trash bag starts moving! I start screaming again and my roommate runs out trying to save me. The mouse runs out the bag and under the a/c unit. We look at each other, get our stuff and get out!

The last straw: My roommate is gets out of the shower and is walking to her room. A mouse sees her and chases her! In the middle of the day!! We were like ohhhh nooooo, these thangs is gettin bold! She calls me crying, I calm her and say that's it we're moving out.

All that happened in less than 14 days. The next 2 weeks before our next months rent is due we spend fighting the company trying to break the lease. They keep saying we have no grounds (NO GROUNDS! We have creatures living with us that don't pay rent!) 2 days before the rent is due we draft this long letter and send it to the apartment company and all the Bmore news stations. They call within the hour and say we can break the lease!
Oh did I mention there were roaches too? And that I came home 3 different times to find the front door unlocked? And that there was a gap in between the door and the frame because apparently the people that used to live there sold drugs and the police kicked in the door on a weekly basis-and no the company didn't change the locks until I demanded it.

So this time I'll be extra careful and have a list of questions to ask while looking at a place. I will also be conducting neighbor surveys. So if you a tall black dude with a silly black chick walking through your neighborhood taking notes come out and say hey!

For those of you living in apartments/townhomes what are some good questions I should ask? I need some help, you don't want me to come back from the honeymoon and find out mice have moved in :)


laughing808 said...

I use to liv ein Laurel. Fox Rest Woods to be exact for seven long years. My one bedroom was decent, and I didn't have any mice or roaches. The management made sure to schedule exterminator visits twice a year.

So one question would be to ask about extermination. That way you have a little insurance against those pesky little creatures.

Also look into Beltsville, Burtonsville and Greenbelt. Not sure where if any of these would be good location but just suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day when I was single and looking, my cousin (an LAPD cop at the time) always told me to visit or drive by apartments at night and weekends to get a better feel. Wishing you the best!

antithesis said...

oh heck no! when i moved off campus my last year of school, i am so thankful i experienced none of this. i guess the best questions are to just ask about general maintenance and what past and current residents complain about most. if neighbors look friendly enough, i would definately ask them about their experience. also, some places, you just know will not be a good match. just pay attention to the staff's general attitude. and congrats to your future hubby on all those job options.

Mrs Count said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys! Now I'm scared when the staff is too nice, my mom says it's because they are desperate, lol. That last lady was soooooooooooooo nice and helpful. When we started going through our troubles and wanted to get out, she was no where to be found!We only saw her evil boss.
And I'm so glad you didn't have to experience that too! I hope nobody else ever does :)

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