Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heart to hearts, dancing, and mice, oh my!

Ummm, is somebody calling Bosslady to tell her what I'm saying about her? I was all set to sit down and think of a blog to post yesterday (I decided next week will be "Back in the day" week!) when she called me into her office. I know yall are thinking my smart mouth got me fired, but I really am super sweet in person lol. Anyway, we start talking about some assignment she had me do that we needed to follow up on and then the conversation meandered everywhere else.

We talked about her life (34 year old daughter and things like that), we talked about my cousin coming home from the war tomorrow, her brother dying in the vet hospital, and her being a hospital Nazi. But then she started asking how I was adjusting working here since it's been a little over 2 months. I expressed how much I like it here and stuff and then she started apologizing again for how she talks to me sometimes and then we had an honest discussion about promotion potential, bonuses (who knew?!), and their plans for me in the company. She spent a good 20 minutes talking about how all the people I have helped so far have told her I have been doing a really good job (I guess they didn't expect much from me, lol) and they were impressed. So once again Bosslady has softened me up. I even forgave her for making me miss the shuttle to the Metro station because she wanted to dance (yes dance, full on dance) in the middle of my office floor! I guess I just have to learn her and then I won't be so offended when she chooses to act like she has no class or manners lol. I'll definitely be back with another post today. I'm working from the client's office in Baltimore for the next week and there is nothing to do here (and rumor has it there is mice, If I see one, I'm calling the news, watch out for my expose on government buildings)! Off to blog hop, be back later.


pink said...

TM you are a damned fool! Make sure you include the pentagon in that expose...we have roches the size of mice and mice the size of small bull. What are you doin this 4th? Hopefully mine is i can have a decent weekend wrap up for you on monday =/


Mrs Count said...

Tonight my friend is coming over and I'm babysitting my godbrothers. They are the cutest kids ever! I'm going to take some pictures if they act right. Tomorrow was supposed to be the big suprise of my cousin coming back fromt he war, but it's not a suprise anymore, he had to tell his wife she was getting hystarical(hmmm can't spell that!). Now I don't know if I want to go, I can spend that time sleeping!

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