Thursday, July 10, 2008

Did that just happen?

Ya'll I don't even curse but yesterday evening and this morning and I've had some random conversations that left me thinking "what the hell just happened here?"

Walking to my car yesterday

RandomOldman: "Yesterday my mom got a gallon of milk for $1 at Aldi"
Me: "Wowwwww"
RandomOldman: "Yeah I know! I told her to look at the expiration date and it said July 27"
me: "Wowwwww"
RandomOldman:"Yeah! So she got me one too!"
Me: "Wowwwww"

I didn't know what to say, I had never seen this man before in my life but he felt so compelled to tell me abut his groceries. the only thing I kept thinking was that if this man looks to be about 70, how old is his mom? I should have asked since we were getting all personal in the crosswalk. I'm only 22 and if my mom sees a sale in the store she'll tell me about it and tell me to go get my own, I should find that man and ask if his mom would adopt me.

This morning I was signing in at the front desk of the building. **sidenote- my sister started on my braids last night so I have a killer headache, aside from being an hour late to work again, I had to wear my glasses again because I couldn't risk a headache from my contacts on top of this one.**

Me: "Good morning. I'm going to DBM" (and I hand her my licence)
SecurityWoman: "You look better without your glasses"
Me:"what?" (I know this stranger is not giving me beauty tips)
SercurityWoman: "You look better without your glasses. Those glasses hide your features"
Me:"Wowwww" (and I walk away thinking to myself...duh I'm trying to cover my tired eyes rudeness!)

Now some of yall might be like, "she was trying to help your busted tail out and say she liked your eyes/nose/whatever else these glasses are hiding". However, I do not feel it is ever appropriate to point out a strangers flaws like that! A booger hanging out of my nose, yes, my hair sticking straight up, yes, but my choice of eyewear? Leave that to people that know me. Did I mention she had on a wig, colored contacts, fake nails, and a pound of makeup? Not that I'm knocking any of the above but I wanted to ask her what features she was hiding under all of that! I see a lot of people on a daily basis that could use some advice from Therapeutic, but I keep my mouth shut because it isn't my place!

Let's practice tactful ways she could have approached me:
(after looking at my licence) "Your eyes are beautiful! I couldn't see them behind your glasses"
"Do you wear contacts too, or did you just take your glasses of for the picture? Because your eyes are pretty"

When dealing with strangers I think you should always just comment on the positive and let them take from it what they want. She didn't know me, I could have been crazy and went off on her, "You calling me ugly? See me in the streets son! You is a hata, son. See me, See me!"

BTW, I look cute today, I'm thinking she was just hating on all this fineness, lol. My glasses with my braids in a bun is sexy, and my outfit is on point! You don't agree? Oh well The Count does and he's the one marrying me :)

Matta fact let me go down there and straighten this woman out...........


pink said...

Lordy chile dont go down there ackin all willy nilly and what not!! But i agree with comment on the positive and not the negative. when ever someone hands me their license with their credit card and the hair in the license looks better ill say, "oh wooow! your hair was soooo cute like that!" or somethin to that effect.

Mrs Count said...

See that's all she had to say!

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