Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Work, Wine, and Water

Why did this dude at work that I talk to and email a million times a day just send me an email calling me Jennifer? You guys may not know my real name but he sure as heck does! Then he has the nerve to ask me to format something, I shouldn't do it and then be like, oh you asked Jennifer to do that, not me!! And I really want to know why my name isn't on this presentation we're about to present. I formatted all the documents. I went over it with him yesterday and told him the errors I found. I taught him how copy and paste into power point and I'm about to do all the binding. And just why isn't my name on the cover with everybody else? Me and dude have the same title.....hmmmmmm. I bet after the meeting they'll be like "oh I didn't even realize it!" I should add my own name, I'm the one printing them, by the time they realize it it'll be too late! Ohhhyeahhhhhh, lol, I would never do that. Just felt like complaining. Want to hear a story about a girl that I believe just may be the dumbest 19 year old ever. We went out to eat, here are a few snippets of the conversation:

Talking about ordering drinks
Me: "No I don't drink all like that, the only thing I ever really had was Sangria. It's wine with fruit in it, it tastes like juice!"
DumbGirl: "Ohhhh that sounds good, I should get that"
everybody at the table looks at her sideways
DumbGirl: "How old do you have to be to drink wine, 18 right?"
everybody at the table looks at her sideways

Me, my sister and another friend all order water, she orders some type of drink
DumbGirl: "Why ya'll all get water, ya'll don't want no soda/juice"
Me: "Water is good for you"
Sister: "water is free"
DumbGirl: "whattt??? water free? are you for real? it's free?"
Anotherfriend: whispers to me-"is she serious"
Me: "unfortunately"
Sister: "yes girl water is free"
DumbGirl: "ohmygodddddd why yall aint tell me water free? Now I already ordered this drink! Water free everywhere?"
Anotherfriend: "are you sure she is serious"
Me: "unfortunately"

My sister and I have known this girl for years, she used to work with us. At work we all used to ask her if she smoked weed before coming in. She was always saying/doing dumb stuff! And was dead serious, she just doesn't have a clue about anything.


laughing808 said...

ok, chic was dumb for real......LOL

pink said...

ok no. i would not put up with that shit. thers nothin worse than a dumb ass person. nothing.

Mrs Count said...

Yes, she is quite slow, lol. Every single day she would ask something that everybody else in the free world already knew the answer to!

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