Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Turkey Taco's

Last night after my sister got home from work I decided I needed tacos. I put a jacket on over my pj's and she puts on this ugggllyyyyy house dress and we leave out. When we pull up to taco bell there is a car backing out of the drive thru. I was like okkkkkkk, maybe they are taking really long. I pull in and get ready to give my order

Me: I would like a chicken chalupa and...

Voice: Ok you would like a chicken chalupa, anything else?

Me: yes, I would also like 3 hard tacos

Voice: I'm sorry ma'am but we are out of tacos

Me: WHHHATTTTTTTT? Ok, forget it then

I begin to back out and of course a car is trying to pull in, my sister hangs her head all out the window to ask if he could back up to let us out. On our way driving past him I give him the warning that taco bell was out of tacos so he wouldn't have to repeat my maneuver.

We then trekked to wendy's because we are greedy like that, got our food and went home to eat. While at the kitchen table my sister says something soooooo dumb I can't even remember what it was. I decided to tease her with a question she asked me 2 weeks ago about the origins of ground turkey.

Me: What is ground turkey made out of?

Her: (laughing hysterically) You won't get me with that again, I know this time

Me: Then answer me

Her: It's made from pigs


Her: (looking panicked) oh no, I got it wrong again?

Me: yes fool, it's made from a turkey

Her: How do I keep forgetting that. Wait, that can't be true. How do they do that, turkey's are so small. Cows and pigs are big, turkeys are so little

Me: Are you being serious? (she shakes her head yes) Ummm yeah they do it the same way they do chickens, which are smaller than turkeys

Her: Well we only eat chicken legs and wings, they don't make ground chicken.

Me: Yes they do!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA

The sad part about all this is we had this turkey conversation less than 2 weeks ago and my sister was being dead serious both times.


pink said...

you and youre sister are so far out of line it is ridiculous! is she gonna be sad when you move out? Have you and the count already found an apartment?!

Ticia said...

Hmmm- thsi is funny - LOL

Mrs Count said...

My sister claims once I move out she won't come back home anymore from school unless she can stay with me and the Count.

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