Tuesday, July 8, 2008

We interrupt this regularly scheduled lunch

Bosslady strikes again! I left to go get my lunch at 12-same time as every day. When I get back to my desk I have all sorts of voicemails and emails. The first one came in at 12:09. "Ummm bosslady wanted me to get you involved in this issue. Call me" and other things like that. But ummmm it only takes one person to resolve an issue! Why must I be included and why must it be while I am eating. I called him back and told him "I'm eating, no I can't be involved right now." He kept on apologizing, I was like it's ok you don't know when I eat lunch-she does.

On a happier note, although I heard her lash out on a couple of people yesterday and today she has been quite pleasant to me still. But I did make her have another heat flash! I was sitting at her desk and she was fine, but as soon as I went and stood next to her she started sweating like crazy!


pink said...

gurl ur boss is crazy! im glad i work for a man...cuz i dont think i could handle her. i just dont know. oh. and uh dont think this gets you outta writing a regular blog :)

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