Thursday, July 24, 2008

Early to bed, still tired when I rise

Yesterday when I got on the train I made my way to my seat proceeded to get comfortable, looked up and saw........Miss J from Top Model. Well it wasn't really him but this lady sure did look just like him. I had to do a quadruple take for real. It was almost like she knew what I was thinking because she got this smirk/laugh on her face when she saw me look at her, lol. It was the same wig from last season, same shaved off mustache, everything! If it wasn't for that terribly outdated sea foam green suit and pale yellow shirt, I would still be convinced that was Miss J.

I have been super tired lately. Not just sleepy but tired. I think I fell asleep walking the other day, lol. I need a day. A day to do nothing but watch tv and sleep, that's how I used to spend my saturdays but lately I've had so much stuff to do that I think the next day I'll have to rest will be August 9. Yes let me pencil that in right now because your girl needs some down time.

Why do my mom and I both think we are the black Martha Stewart? Everything for my wedding is some crazy idea we thought would be cute and have decided to make ourselves, lol. I'll probably have the tackiest wedding ever and my mom and I will be thinking its all cute!

This man backed into my car yesterday. He came to our house to clean the basement carpet and parked right in front of my car. He was outside for a good 15-20 minutes putting stuff in his truck standing directly in front of my car. He gets in and decides to go in reverse so he can turn around and backs right into my poor saturn. My sister was like wtf, did he forget it was there? He tried to play it off too, he got out like he was picking up trash and was trying to assess the damage, lol.

My sister had to braid this girls hair last night. This girl has been chasing my sister down since she got home to get her hair braided. My sister didn't want to do it but finally agreed. So the girls dad was supposed to bring her over last night when my sister got off at 10. Well I'm in the bed sleep by 8 and at 11 my sister comes in my room cussin and fussin. I roll over and look at her like what is that serious that you had to wake me up with an attitude. She was like "this chick is so dumb. She gonna call mommy at 8 and ask can she come pick her up because her dad can't bring her. Mommy said she would come get her when she came to pick me up from work but to make sure her hair was washed and she had all her stuff. Well we go to pick her up and we call when we think we are at the house. I asked her if she was by the white house and she says 'no girl I aint by no white house' so we start to pull off and this chick says 'I'm across the street from the white house' well b**** that's by it then and her dad was outside waving to us! That made me mad." I start laughing at my sister and try to go back to sleep and then she storms back in my room cussin and fussin again so I look at her like what? "This dumb chick gonna ask if we have a 24 hour beauty supply store! B**** didn't I tell you to come prepared? And where have you ever seen an all night beauty supply store? No where around here! But don't worry, mommy fussed her out about that one, she's so dumb." Once again I try to go back to sleep and I hear all this yelling going on. I walk out my room like a crazy woman hollering at my parents and sister about how they know I'm sleep so they all need to be quiet. Arguing over XM radio at midnight? Ughhhhhh, I almost lost my mind, lol.

That being said, in 2 weeks I'll be looking for a new place to live! More on that tomorrow :)


pink said...

if that lady looked like miss j then she was ugly as hell.

either you need to take some vitamins or check up on ur monthly friend bc bein tired all the time even when gettin adequate rest is a sign =/ im just sayin.

and if yall need some alone time 9 months from now ill babysit!! i looooove babies bc they are so cute and dont talk back or color on the walls like my lil brother and sister.

Mrs Count said...

Pink I can absolutely, positively, without a single doubt, assure you that I am not pregnant. It is an impossibility! Impossible I say to you, lol. There is no way in heaven or hell that I am with child.

pink said...

mmmmmhmm. whatever u say TM!!

Im soooo excited about the baby! lmao.

Mrs Count said...
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