Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Thoughts

Since I'm working out of somebody elses office for the next week I 'll fill you guys in on the crap he has to deal with here!

This office may be broke down but this handy dandy screen shield is great! Only the person directly in front of the monitor can see what is going on, that way I don't have to even pretend like I'm being productive!

The microwave is right next to this dudes office. Fish is not appropriate work food! I had to leave for a while because the smells were making me gag.

The other lady in this office is inconsiderate. She talks super loud when she's on the phone. So loud that the person I'm on the phone with couldn't hear me! When bosslady called me she was like oh no you need to tell her to be quiet! She also mumbles to herself, it sounds like a phone vibrating constantly. I kept looking around like what is that noise??? Then I realized it was her. She also has her music on like I want to hear that mess. Put on headphones please ma'am.

I solved a problem all by myself. I was getting all panicky when the lady came and asked me because I had no idea. I was like "give me 5 minutes then I will come answer you." I prayed so hard for some divine revelation, lol. I got it though and went and delivered my answer!

I haven't seen my best friend in 6 months, and she lives 20mins from me. We are sad and lazzzzyyyyyyy. At least we know it and don't get offended. I hope she makes it over tonight.

I'm going to go continue blog hopping now, I've only had like 6 requests today that took 30 seconds each so I've been reading away. I love my job!!!


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