Monday, July 14, 2008

Shut up Thera!

I almost got myself into trouble today! This morning I decided I was going to watch what I say out of my mouth. Often times I get smart or gossip when I should have just kept my mouth shut.

Well today Bosslady is working from home which means 101 phone calls from her today. The other coordinator (Z) and I were working on some member details. She called us more than a few times while we were working on it and after awhile it just got annoying. We were doing something she doesn't know how to do and has expressed no interest in learning either yet she kept acting as if she knew it all and got mad when we tried to explain it to her. Well she was being a little rude and snippy and all of a sudden we can't hear her anymore. She had been having some reception issues with her phone and we kept calling her name to no response. Z suggested I try and conference her back in, it didn't work. So Z and I discuss what we are working on waiting for her to call us back. Now every time we get off a call with her, one of us always throws in a sly comment about bosslady. We'll either discuss why she was acting the way she was, or how what she said didn't make sense. This time neither of us did, we acted professionally stayed on task, and got off the phone to wait for bosslady to call back. 2 minutes later:

Bosslady: Hey Thera, I don't know what happened to the phone I could hear everything you guys were saying but I guess you couldn't hear me.
Me: No, we sure couldn't hear you, we thought you lost reception (inside doing a praise dance thanking God my smart mouth didn't get me into trouble)

That could have been a really ugly situation and it definitely made me realize how important it is to watch what you say, not only at work but other places as well. You never know who's listening!

I still haven't asked about the heater. I'm scared I won't get the response I want, then I might try to snip more than her cord!


Anonymous said...

Smart comments will definitely get you into trouble. There was this guy whom I was friends with. He tried to take our friendship to the next level, which really annoyed me because he wasn’t my type. One day he called and I hit the ignore button, as soon as the phone stopped ringing I started runnin my mouth about how disgusted I was with him. What I didn’t know is that I actually had hit the answer button and he could hear me. Watch wat you say cuz you never know whose listening.

pink said...

lmao at dayzed!!

yes TM! if you dont get the response you want snip her hair!!

Mrs Count said...

Ya'll are too funny!

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