Monday, July 21, 2008

Eating, Watching, Falling

My weekend was great! I think next weekend I'll spend all day Saturday in bed catching up with my dvr because it's getting quite full.

When I got off work on Friday things didn't go so well. The count was supposed to pick me up at 6:30 from the metro. Guess what????? He didn't. I sent him a text at 6:25 as a joke telling him he had 5 minutes to get there. At 6:35 I called him, no answer. I called my mom to chat so I wouldn't get upset that he was late. I called The Count back, still no answer. I called my mom again and asked her to come get me, it was like 6:45. One of her friends was on the way to our house so she said she could come by and get me. I called the count one more time still no answer. At this point I'm so upset my eyes started tearing up (I was the kid that came back from camp and instantly started crying if my parents weren't there waiting to pick me up, lol). At 6:55 the count calls apologizing over and over again, he fell asleep. What does Drama Queen do? Act a darn fool, lol. I told him don't worry about me, I already had to call somebody else to do what he didn't. Long story short, when I got in the house I launched into this huge tirade about how that was irresponsible and rude of him to leave me there, what if something would have happened? My mom quickly shut down my show and ended my drama, she was having none of that. The count did come over and take me out to eat to make up for it, he even let me make joke after joke about all night :)

Saturday was my aunt's birthday. She doesn't really like me, but I'm ok with that. We had crabs, crab legs, ribs, shrimp, and unimportant side dishes so I was having a ball stuffing my face!

Yesterday, I went to church. On the way there 2 deer decided they wanted to run through our neighborhood and I almost hit them, it was kind of scary. After church The Count took me to cvs (lot's of makeup on sale guys) to stock up on eyeshadow and then we met up with some friends to go to fridays and see the dark knight (I was in there jumping, crying, and talking to the screen, lol).

Last night I fell :( It was sooooo not funny but I kept laughing because I didn't want to cry. I was running up the steps in my house (which are wood with this metal-like edge) and I lost my footing on the second set. I crashed down onto the steps and then rolled down the steps until the foyer floor and front door stopped my motion. It was funny everybody in my house froze, nobody ran to see if I was dead, they just wanted to hear whether or not screams or laughter would be coming from the steps. Me being me, they got both. I heard the count and my sister cracking up then he came to see if I was ok. I was laughing but tears were streaming down my face. My mom came all late to check on me and I think that was only because I hadn't brought her the phone yet (which is why I was running up the stairs in the first place). So now I have a knot on my left forearm, a bruise on my left thigh, and a swollen right knee with a knot! Not cute but it's still so funny when I see myself tumbling down the stairs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. I am glad that His words encouraged you=)

I know allllll about falling down stairs. Not a good look.

That's messed up that the Count left you hanging like that.

Please don't tell me that CVS is having a good deal on makeup. I'm on my

Mrs Count said...

Girl cvs had buy one get one free stuff and buy one get one 50% off. Let's just say I've spent the day on makeup blogs learning how to be more creative (I got too much stuff, lol).

Thanks for stopping by!

laughing808 said...

I would have been just as mad if my husband had left me standing at the metro.

The fall......I am so trying not to laugh, especially since I fell last month going down the stairs.....I missed one step and well hubby was hesitant to come to my aid as well. Come the think of it I might still have that bruise on my side.......

Anyways....glad you are well enough to write about it.

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