Monday, July 7, 2008

Friend applications now being accepted

I spent my 4th in the bed with a headache. I didn't leave the house all day and honestly I would have slept all day if it wasn't for my company coming in my room at 8:40am telling me to wake up. I almost slapped her. She's my best friend and we lived together for a year so she should know that you don't interrupt TM's sleep, especially before 11am and most definitely not on a holiday! She had enough sense to stand back when she started talking because my first reaction when somebody wakes me up is to kick and kick hard (ask my sister who stood too close and got kicked into a wall!). But my interaction with her and a fellow bride-to-be has given me the desire to create a little info packet for my friends. If our relationship is going to last you need to know some things about me! The packet will be available on my birthday (8/4) because these chicks need a little assistance with knowing how to act! I welcome my friends to give me packets as well because I'm sure I'm no picnic either.

Friend #2, the bride-to-be has decided she should call me every single day to ask me things about what I'm doing for my wedding and her plans for hers. It would be okay except: 1. I don't care 2. I don't realize why she doesn't understand that if I'm getting married 2 weeks before her it doesn't make sense to think that I'll have time to design and print her invitations, plan her parties, help her with her flowers, chair covers or any other dumb task she'll come up with this week. 3. I really don't care!
My sister works with her and said she talks about our weddings all day every day. The thing that really gets me is, the stuff she's asking me about her venue does for free! She's having a $30,000 wedding , I'm having at $10,000 wedding. She's getting married here and this is my location , an empty hall. She has servers, decorators, set-uppers, take-downers, all provided by her venue, why is she asking me for stuff? I really don't get it. I keep asking bride-to-be "doesn't your place provide this in there fee?" Her response, "Yes but......" I mean if you just want to talk to me then call to talk, but don't be having me dig up all this information for you for no reason, I'll help you pick what you want for your wedding but it shouldn't be contingent on what I do for mine, we are 2 different people in 2 different places in life. Yall probably reading this like TM stop whining it's not that serious but you wanna know why I'm really mad? She called my cell 3 times and my house twice on Friday for stupid stuff even after I told her I was sleeping and if that wasn't rude enough she had the nerve to ask for my mom's cell phone number because she wanted to ask her something but we always say she isn't home. My response? "You are not about to irritate her like you are irritating me, she's grown, she'll call you when she feels like it, I'm sleep don't ring this phone again. If you want my mom's cell number get it from her, you're being rude she doesn't even know you." Do you think she got the hint? Nope, she hung up with me and turned to my sister (they were at work) and asked her for my mom's cell number. Not once, but 5 different times!

ughhh my headache is back, lol. Time for happier posts :)


pink said...

slap her. HARD. thats all im gonna say about that.

Mrs Count said...

You know if I don't my sister will!If she calls me every day this week too Ima have to get lil sis to beat her down after work.

pink said...

like, if shes plannin a wedding, how the hell does she have time and why does she even care about what ur doing?! i would not help her with anything. i mean shes gettin on my nerves and i havent even met you or her! lol

Mrs Count said...

I don't know how she has time to be so worried about me. I'm going to try and get my sister to guest blog one of these days so ya'll can really understand how irritating this girl is. My sister walks around the house imitating her it is toooo funny.

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