Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We interrupt this regularly scheduled lunch time

I should make this a feature part of my blog, I love to see what this woman comes up with!

Bosslady: "Ohhh, did you get that from downstairs?" as she eyes my lunch....then proceeds to talk and talk and talk and talk some more about the place downstairs. How she loves it, a lot of people don't, what number did I order, how she likes sauce and brown powder! I just kept chewing, then she hit me with this "you look like you're struggling, they have knives in the kitchen honeybunny"
Me:"Yes, but then I would have to get up"
Bosslady: "Well then just keep on eating with your fingers honeybunny" LOL if you weren't in here you wouldn't see it!

Hopefully I'll be back with a real post later today, I have some ideas running around in my head lol.

Question: It doesn't affect anything if you skip the inactive pills in you BC pack does it? Do they like help you have super powers or something, because I don't want to miss out!


pink said...

lmao!!! lmao!!! omg i cant stop laughing!!!! ok. first, im tryna stop cussin (so much) but i woulda hit her with "bitch im not ur damn honeybunny!!" in my head of course cuz pink still needs a job but im just sayin...

second...those pills are just so you dont get off of rotation...if you skip all of them and go straight to the next pack tho youll skip your period! *nice lil tidbit of info i bet you didnt know* my friend did it two days before her wedding and voila! no period to ruin the honeymoon...

Mrs Count said...

I'd rather her call me honeybunny than picklehead, lol she comes up with some crazy names!

I don't have the time or energy to be taking some fake pills! Good grief if you can't remember to start your next pack maybe you shouldn't be "doing it". Yeah I knew about the skipping period tidbit, I was trying to tell my mom about it when she started fussing that I hadn't mapped it out to make sure it wouldn't happen on my honeymoon (her fascination with this is still disturbing!).

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